Outpatient in Torrance

Adolescent and Adult Drug Outpatient in Torrance

An outpatient in Torrance is beneficial for those seeking to know more about their potential substance abuse problem or recover from various co-occurring disorders.

Clear Recovery Center offers an outpatient program located centrally in the south bay of Los Angeles, allowing individuals to address their issues without having to leave their life or current school schedule behind. Whether you are looking for outpatient for yourself or your loved one who may be attending Torrance High School, North High School, West High School, South High School or Shery High School, Clear Recovery Center makes an excellent choice for outpatient in Torrance.

Significance of Outpatient in Torrance

Outpatient programs such as Clear Recovery Center offer a unique and dignified way to go about seeking help for drug or substance abuse as well as co-occurring disorders. Individuals are able to not only learn about the disease of addiction and educate themselves on underlying problems surrounding substance abuse but continue to participate in their own communities while establishing a new one. Connecting with others in a positive peer-based environment can be one of the most significant and beneficial aspects of joining a community.

Outpatient in Torrance Services

• Individual Counseling
• Family Support Programs
• Various forms of therapy
• Effective Drug Testing
• Planning for Aftercare
• Job & Career Counseling

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Overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol can be extremely difficult for both adolescents and adults without the proper support. At Clear Recover Center for alcohol and drug treatment, our mission is to inspire change, enrich lives cultivate community.

If you are considering outpatient in Torrance and would like more information, please do not hesitate to call us by clicking the link below or calling us toll-free at (877)799-1985.

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