Teen & Adolescent Program

Clear Recovery Center recognizes that young adults have different needs and our dynamic approach to recovery provides a track for this specific age group.

Recovery is not a “one-size fits all” experience. Different individuals who come from different walks of life struggle with different experiences, thoughts, behaviors, and reasons for use. Clear Recovery Center recognizes these differences and has a specialized track for young adults. These individualized tracks to recovery allow participants to focus on:

Generation Specific Concerns

Individuals under 30 are typically living very different lives. Adults in their 20s are often still looking to establish their career, may not have a lot of serious relationship experience, and may have more active and concerning relationships with their parents. All of these different factors can influence drug and alcohol abuse and mental health. Being able to connect with other individuals with similar experiences can be incredibly meaningful during the recovery process. 

Age-specific patterns of use.

Many young people are struggling with excessive marijuana use, a growing heroin epidemic, and the influx of club drugs like Ecstasy. While there are, of course, people from all different age groups with addiction of every type of substance under the sun, these patterns are important to identify and understand when working towards recovery. Our specialized track ensure that individuals will be able to connect to other people who are familiar with their particular pattern of use.

Our programs provide a wide variety of interventions that include:

  • Addiction & Mental Health Focus
  • Individual & Family Therapy
  • Multi-Family Groups
  • Experimental Activities such as Saltwater Therapy & Breathwork
  • Focused Mindfulness
  • Life Coaching
  • Drug Screening
  • Tutoring & Educational Support Facilitated by a Credentialed Teacher
  • Lifelong Support & Aftercare

What We Treat

Clear Recovery Center offers many different services to meet your loved one’s specific mental health and addiction needs. Some of the services we offer treatment for include:

Fun & Service Activities

Our counselors facilitate social and educational outings for each client and their peers. By promoting positive peer dynamics in groups with our counselors, we help shape healthy lifestyles and positive choices. We provide outdoor group activities to cultivate physical health incorporating mindfulness and outings such as hiking, yoga, biking and beach walks. Additionally, we explore vocational, social and exercise interests in order to help our clients achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


“My relationship with my family is truly the best part of my life today, and without Clear I never would have grown and matured into a person that could have made that happen.”

Young Adult Program Levels of Care

Clear Recovery Center offers different levels of care based on each client’s individual needs. We provide the following:

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