What Is Sober Living?

    A good sober living for young adults will teach them the life skills necessary to prepare for a transition into an independent and fulfilling lifestyle. This should be complemented with a strong supporting mental health component delivered by a knowledgeable clinical team who will address the underlying causes of substance abuse, promote mental wellbeing, and reduce the chance of a relapse.

    Learning to be self-sufficient is a core value at our sober living facilities. However, it is important to do this gradually in a safe and structured environment to help them practice new skills. Furthermore, in addition to our staff, we are proud to have fostered a strong, active, and engaging peer community and to help keep residents accountable.

    Benefits Of Sober Living

    As a mecca for young people’s recovery, Los Angeles is known for many things. This includes its huge community, beautiful weather, and abundant activities to partake in recovery. People from all over the United States, and the world, gravitate to Los Angeles because of its reputation for being at the forefront of addiction recovery. For young men and their families looking for a fresh start, New Life House is the premier option.

    Benefits of sober living include:

    • Sober environment – Residing in an alcohol and drug-free environment helps people be more successful in their recovery.
    • Practice living sober – Sober living homes provide a bridge between the security of inpatient treatment and returning home. Each person learns to test their sobriety without the triggers and stresses of their usual home life.
    • Comprehensive life skills – Every aspect of independent living is incorporated, including a healthy lifestyle and behaviors, and emotional development. We also provide the structure and instruction necessary to practice different skills so important to thriving in a recovery lifestyle.
    • Group camaraderie – The camaraderie at New Life House is unparalleled, with a community that began over 35 years ago. Active alumni, current house members, and passionate staff make New Life House a family rather than a program. Residents build long-lasting, supportive bonds that often last after they return home.
    • Random drug testing – Random drug testing acts as a way to prevent relapse and provides a safe environment for all.
    • Continuance of education – When residing at New Life House, our young men can continue to work on developing their education while receiving care. Rather than life coming to a full stop, we help our young men get back on an academic path.

    Cost Of Addiction Treatment

    It’s important to view our treatment as an investment. Over time it pays off.  When struggling with mental illness or addiction, people are more likely to not perform at your full potential or switch jobs, which can negatively impact income. Furthermore, the associated costs of drug and/or alcohol use, legal consequences, health issues and loss of productivity add up over time. Not to mention, the financial costs are only one part of the equation— there are also physical and personal costs on relationships and livelihood.

    At Clear Recovery Center, we accept in-network plans, out-of-network benefits and offer other financing options for clients who opt for private pay. Our admissions team is always available to help prospective clients understand their coverage options during the admissions process. We know how important it is that those seeking help are able to get the help they need.

    How Long Is Sober Living?

    Because each individual is different, no one’s path to sobriety will look exactly the same. Program lengths vary and can last from just a few months to more than a year. When it comes to the duration of the program, longer proves to be better. The period following detox and inpatient treatment is a critical window where relapse is common. The longer someone can stay in a stable, drug and alcohol-free environment, the better.

    The recommended amount of time to remain in a sober living home is at least a year. This gives your loved one ample time to transform old behaviors and learn to stay sober. They build bonds with a healthy, supportive group of young men achieving the same goal. Living in this environment long-term increases their ability to stay sober once they return home.

    Sober Living Makes Sobriety Fun!

    Many people contemplating going into treatment for substance use disorders worry that recovery will be boring. Being sober shouldn’t be boring, and neither should an individual’s living situation. All of our houses offer various amenities for residents to enjoy in their free time.

    House members can enjoy workout equipment, pool tables, ping-pong, or a fully functional entertainment room in their home. In addition, Los Angeles provides an array of recovery-oriented activities which many residents attend together.


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