Sober Companion

Sober companions provide one-on-one assistance and support to newly recovering alcoholics and addicts.

This is ideal for those who are newer in recovery but are not in a residential treatment facility. The goal of a sober companion is to help the client maintain complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs while helping the client establish a healthy lifestyle outside of a treatment facility.

Sober companions are available to stay by their client’s side usually between 12-24 hours a day. A relationship between a client and sober companion can last for days, weeks, or months depending on a client’s needs.

sober companion

Why is a Sober Companion important?

Sober companions understand how crucial acclimating to a sober lifestyle is. They assist by providing intimate recovery support to our clients. Sober companions have years of experience in recovery and understand the challenges associated with being new in recovery and not residing in a treatment facility.

Sober companions establish trust between themselves and the client first so the client knows that their best interest is being placed first. Clients feel assured knowing that there is 24/7 support in their own environment as stressors/triggers arise.

Sober companion rates vary depending on the specific needs that are requested. The assistance provided by a sober companion can vary from 24 hours a day to being present only during a specific situation or events.

Call Clear Recovery Center About A Sober Companion

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