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Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

When a loved one is suffering from problems of mental health or addiction, it is often the whole family who suffers. To watch a close family member become distant at the mercy of these issues can be extremely painful, and many times, the whole family dynamic changes in response. That’s why Clear believes in addressing the whole family unit to ensure long-term success, not just for the client, but for everyone.

Family Therapy

Our licensed professional marriage and family therapists are able to work with families to address previous trauma and other issues to help resolve familial conflicts. Family therapy sessions are designed to increase family unity, help family members work through hurt and disappointment, and foster a relationship focused on healing and recovery. Family members will be able to assess their role within the unit and utilize clinical guidance to support necessary changes for the well being of themselves and their loved ones.

Family Support

Clear Recovery Center in California offers many other services that emphasize the family component of recovery. other services for families as well. Families are invited and encouraged to join us for our family groups to learn more about addiction and how to manage their relationships with their addicted loved one. Family members will be able to develop tools to become a healthy support system through the process of recovery.

Family Therapy + Case Management

Case Managers at Clear Recovery Center work closely with the families of clients to make sure that the entire home is working in unison. Often, relapse can be mitigated when a family is educated and prepared to support their loved one who is newly sober. Our team focuses on working in harmony with both client and family in order to lay the groundwork for a successful and long-term recovery.

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These opportunities, whether utilized individually or in tandem, are sure to improve familial communication and help establish healthy boundaries and as well as productive and supportive relationships. Our experience has shown that the more the family works together, the more effective the client is in their treatment program. Clear Recovery Center provides a foundation for both the family and client to work through personal and family issues to achieve success.

A Note About Al-Anon

For families of individuals struggling with substance abuse, we highly recommend joining an al-anon group. Al-anon is a 12-step program for family members and loved ones to understand the realities of addiction as well as their role in navigating and supporting the stages of both addiction and recovery.

Individuals will learn that addiction is a personal experience, and no amount of support, nagging, or shaming will create an outcome beyond that which is desired by the addict themselves. This program is also ideal for family members who are looking to connect with other families who have a loved one struggling with addiction. Here, families will be able to provide support and advice to one another, and will additionally learn how to provide meaningful support for their loved one.

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