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Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

When a loved one is suffering from addiction or mental health conditions, the whole family often suffers. Watching a close family member struggle and become distant because of substance abuse and mental illness can be extremely painful. It is common for the entire family dynamic to change in response to what’s happening. That’s why Clear Recovery Center believes in addressing the whole family unit with family therapy for addiction recovery to ensure long-term success, not just for the client, but for everyone.

Family Therapy

Our licensed professional marriage and family therapists are able to work with families to address any trauma that happened in the past as well as any current issues to help resolve familial conflicts. Family therapy for addiction recovery sessions are designed to increase family unity, help family members work through hurt and disappointment, and foster a relationship focused on healing and recovery. Your family members will be able to assess their role within the unit and utilize clinical guidance to support necessary changes for the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.

Family Support

Clear Recovery Center offers many other services that emphasize the family component of recovery and other services for families. Families are invited and encouraged to join us for our family groups to learn more about addiction and how to manage their relationships with their addicted loved ones. Family therapy for addiction recovery allows the family members to develop tools to become a healthy support system through the process of recovery.

Added Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

The obvious benefits of family therapy are front and center: helping the person with an addiction become sober. Other benefits can also happen, creating a stronger family unit overall. Children who grow up having witnessed a parent or other family member face their addiction head-on and recover are less likely to develop their own addiction. When one generation stops their addiction, it often prevents others from developing them or it shows them there is a way to heal their own substance use disorder. 

Families may initially believe that only the person with an addiction has to learn to change, but family therapy for addiction recovery shines a spotlight on other areas in which the entire family can acknowledge and address any unhealthy family dynamics. Families learn how to communicate more honestly, how to make peace with the past, and move forward. Any bad habits such as enabling the person with the addiction or not giving them credit for the hard work they are putting into recovery can be addressed. Families can learn to establish their own healthy boundaries and respect those of others.

Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery Includes The Modern Family

Just a couple of generations ago, society followed a protocol that upheld the belief that problems should be solved quietly and by the individual alone. Family members often kept issues like addiction and mental illness to themselves, denying their parents, children, siblings, and others the truth of their struggles. Keeping secrets like this only serves to create fear and frustration, which allows the problem to fester and grow. Today’s society has embraced the concept of being open about personal issues and health concerns and seeking support for them. This includes utilizing family therapy for addiction recovery when a loved one needs help. 

More people today understand that there is no shame in developing a substance use disorder or having a mental illness. Confiding in family and friends that a person needs help can pave the road to getting treatment, and involving loved ones can improve the entire recovery process. 

Another way society has redefined some of its norms has to do with how the word “family” is applied more liberally today. While it used to be only used to describe a home with a mother, father, and children, it now includes many other definitions. Modern families include single-parent homes, LGBTQ marriages and relationships, and committed, cohabiting couples who are not married. 

Multiple-generation families sharing a home have become more common now, due to things like financial concerns and the pandemic. In each family situation, the person dealing with addiction to drugs and alcohol stands a better chance of recovering and maintaining that recovery long-term when the entire family is included in parts of the treatment process. Family therapy for addiction recovery includes not just parents or children, but any extended family members and close friends who want to assist in the recovery process. 

Family Therapy + Case Management

Case Managers at Clear Recovery Center work closely with the families of clients to make sure that the entire home is working in unison. Often, relapse can be avoided when a family is educated about the recovery process and prepared to support their loved one who is newly sober. Our team focuses on working in harmony with both the client and their family in order to lay the groundwork for a successful and long-term recovery.

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These opportunities, whether utilized individually or in tandem, are sure to improve familial communication and help establish healthy boundaries and productive, supportive relationships. Clear Recovery Center provides a foundation for both the family and client to work through personal and family issues to achieve success. Our experience has shown that the more the family works together, the more effective the client is in their treatment program.

Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery Treatment in Los Angeles

When someone struggles with addiction to drugs or alcohol, the whole family suffers. Clear Recovery Center understands how to help a person embrace recovery while also teaching the family how to help add to the process. We treat substance use disorders and accompanying mental health issues in a way that sets the entire family up for success. 

Clear Recovery Center in Los Angeles is here to support you and your loved ones. Contact us now and let us help heal your family.

Treatment For The Whole Family
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