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Our case managers are crucial to success.

There are so many aspects making up the program at Clear Recovery, and our Case Managers are really the glue that holds it all together. Within hours of enrolling at Clear, individuals will be paired with a case management partner who uniquely complements their personality and specializes in whatever struggles they may be experiencing. While they may act as a life coach, career mentor, academic counselor and liaison between all of our clinical staff, they are, above all, an ally.

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What does a case manager do?

Coordinate care with outside treatment providers

Coordinate care within our clinical team

Provide vocational assistance

Engage with families as their direct and personal point of contact

Communicate with clients outside of regular programming hours

What makes a great case manager?

We are often asked why we place such a premium on having great case managers. A client’s case manager is the individual that brings everyone together for them. They handle a variety of different responsibilities that are key to facilitating a smooth recovery.

While the clinical and therapeutic side of addiction and mental disorder treatment is hugely important, so is the personal, motivational aspect. If an individual isn’t motivated and driven to recover, their chances of success can be hindered. That’s why a great case manager is also a life coach, helping to motivate clients to do their part in recovery.

No matter what your circumstances are when you join us at Clear, our case management team will help you navigate through social, vocational, legal, or family-oriented matters with confidence and support. Through constant communication with our clinicians and group facilitators, our case managers are able to help each individual.

  • Referrals to and coordination of care with outside treatment providers
  • Facilitate appointments throughout the early stages of recovery
  • Help integrate with 12 step community, including finding a sponsor and appropriate support systems
  • Vocational support and helping to find a job if one is not held
  • Attentive involvement with client’s life
  • Understanding different stages of recovery and where client falls in spectrum
  • Facilitating healthy behavioral changes
  • Addressing and supporting client in dealing with issues outside of clinical environment, like dishonesty, stealing, or fighting

Our case managers help our clients create actionable plans and implement them in their lives.

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