Saturday Halloween: Increase in Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse on Halloween

Incidents of drug and alcohol abuse, binge drinking and driving under the influence are highest on holidays. Halloween is no exception. Holidays can cause feelings of loneliness, stress and depression. Holidays also promote social gatherings, parties and spontaneous planning. Individuals suffering from loneliness, stress or depression during the Holiday season are more likely to engage in alcohol and drug abuse. This can cause serious risks to both themselves and others. For individuals who choose to engage in social activities, social anxiety and peer pressure all contribute to a possible increase in drug and alcohol abuse.

Driving under the influence is a serious problem on Holidays and often occurs due to poor planning and poor decision making, as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Halloween should be a fun and exciting time for people, especially children, but can turn into a nightmare due to drunk drivers. The risk of people driving under the influence on Halloween is high. The risk of unnecessary fatalities is even higher due to the high number of trick-or-treaters.

Why Does Saturday Increases the Likelihood of Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

This year Halloween falls on a Saturday. This increases the likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse, drunk driving, and risks to innocent people. When Halloween falls on a Saturday, many individuals aren’t concerned about work or school the following day. When people aren’t concerned about next-day responsibilities they often engage in heavier drug and alcohol abuse. They may began their drinking earlier and continue late into the evening. This increases the chances of potential health risks and incidents of driving under the influence. Trick-or-treaters are also able to stay out later due to the holiday falling on a Saturday. This makes the potential for drunk drivers to encounter trick-or-treaters even higher. Children are twice as likely to be hit by a drunk driver on Halloween than any other night.

Concerned About a Loved One?

While individuals suffering from addiction engage in drug and alcohol abuse regularly, holidays provide an opportunity for their addiction to reach new levels, due to the likelihood of others engaging in heavy drinking and potential drug use. It is imperative that you safety precautions are taken on this holiday: speaking to your teen about the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse, planning a sober ride home and being aware of your surroundings. If you or a loved one needs help, please do not hesitate to call us at (877) 799-1985 or simply click on the banner below to visit our contact page. We are waiting to help!

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