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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need Detox?

    Detox or stabilization is an important part of the recovery process. It is the time that allows an individual to safely and comfortably step away from the substances they have been using. If someone has been using substances for any extended period of time, attending a detox or stabilization program can be extremely helpful, and often is very necessary for safety and comfort.

    For individuals using drugs like benzodiazepines, which encompasses Xanax, kolonopin, Ativan, and other similar prescription medications, a detox or stabilization period is almost certainly warranted. Detoxing from benzodiazepines without appropriate medical supervision can be extremely dangerous. Similarly, alcohol detox can be very dangerous without medical support if an individual has been drinking extensively or for an extended period of time.

    Opioid withdrawal is known to be extraordinarily uncomfortable, and relapse often takes place as a result of an individual not being able to make it through the discomfort of an opiate withdrawal process. Having a professional detox can alleviate many of these issues and make the process much more comfortable, so that the likelihood of staying sober is much higher. Cocaine and methamphetamine, while not inducing the same type of withdrawal symptoms that are found with central nervous system depressants, can also often benefit from a stabilization period where an individual can have their vitals monitored and they can adjust to sobriety in a safe and controlled environment. Even in situations with cannabis abuse, stabilization can be helpful, especially if there are any residual psychological effects of the cannabis.

    Some of the telltale signs that detox will be helpful include:

    • Long term substance abuse. The longer an individual has been using a substance, the more likely a medical detox will be necessary. It is important to remember however, that with substances like benzodiazepines, alcohol and opiates, someone does not need to have been using for a long time to benefit from a stabilization period.
    • Withdrawal symptoms. These can be more or less severe depending on the substances used and depending on the length of use, but regardless of where they fall on the scale, having withdrawal symptoms managed under medical supervision makes them much more tolerable.
    • History of seizures or other adverse physical reactions when discontinuing alcohol or drug use.
    • Any other medical complications or issues that could make discontinuing substance use independently dangerous.

    By attending a professional and personalized detox or stabilization program, clients may avoid much of the discomfort associated with withdrawal. A quality detox program sets the foundation for a successful recovery. By alleviating the physical symptoms of withdrawal and keeping individuals comfortable, the chances of achieving long-term recovery soar.

  • What Drug Addictions Do We Treat?

    We offer treatment tailored to a range of substance dependencies. For a full list, click here.

  • Help. What Should I Bring to Residential/Detox?

    Early recovery can be challenging, but packing should’t be. Here’s what we recommend bringing with you.

    • ID, healthcare card and necessary credit/debit cards for personal purchases
    • Appropriate sleeping attire (you may be sharing your room)
    • Chargers for your devices
    • 1 set of appropriate beach clothing, including a swimsuit (we provide towels)
    • At least 1 set of athletic wear and sneakers for physical fitness sessions
    • Toiletries and cosmetics that you would normally bring on vacation
    • Approximately 1 weeks’ worth of clothing and shoes. We have onsite laundry to clean your things weekly.
    • Any regularly prescribed medications and/or medical devices that you will require during your stay (glucose meter, insulin pens, blood pressure medications, etc.)

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If you are interested in learning more, contact our expert clinical team by phone 1-877-799-1985, or by requesting more information on our website. We look forward to helping you develop your plan for recovery today.

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  • I can’t say enough good things about Clear Recovery Center. The care that I received was exceptional. The staff are very professional and committed to providing outstanding treatment. They go out of their way to cultivate an atmosphere of compassion, awareness, and recovery.

    Ian D.
  • The multi-pronged approach; the counselors, individual therapy, nutrition, sympathetic/empathetic counselors of each group session shifted my brain paths. You are never finished there, even when you “graduate”, they hold alumni group sessions when you feel you need it. I have nothing but gratitude for their program.

    Marci B.
  • Clear Recovery Center is my second family that I never knew I had that supported me and continues to passionately support the sober community. The therapists, counselors and group facilitators have been amazing in helping me have a voice, loving myself again, and seeing the world in a new light. I am eternally grateful.

    Liz R.
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    Take the next step. Call us now.