Meet our dedicated staff members.

The dynamic staff at Clear Recovery Center consists of clinicians, case managers, group facilitators and professionals that genuinely care and connect with our community. Each staff member works collaboratively as a team to create a supportive environment for change and growth.




Dr. Sean O’Hara PsyD, NCAC I, SAP

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Dr. Sean O’Hara is a Licensed Psychologist with 26 years of experience providing psychiatric services for individuals seeking relief from addictive diseases and mental illness.

He utilizes cognitive, psychodynamic, and behavioral existential therapies to treat individuals with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. As Clear Recovery Center’s Clinical Director, Dr. Sean O’Hara spearheads a multidisciplinary staff of psychiatrists, therapists, clinical social workers, and certified counselors.

Dr. O’Hara served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Addiction Specialists and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) for nine years. Dr. O’Hara has experience working with a diverse population of corporations, athletes in collegiate and national sports associations as well as celebrities in the entertainment industry. A pundit for sober living, Dr. O’Hara is dedicated to advancing clinical practices for sustainable relief from addiction and mental illness.

Dr. O’Hara enjoys live music, surfing, traveling, and all that Southern California has to offer.

medical DIRECTOR

Dr. Martha Koo, M.D.

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Dr. Martha B. Koo, M.D., a graduate of Princeton University and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, completed her psychiatry residency training at the UCLA Resnick Neuropsychiatric Institute and her psychoanalytic training at the New Center for Psychoanalysis.

She is double Board Certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine and has over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and pharmaceutical treatment for individuals and families.

program DIRECTOR

Basel Shadfan, AMFT

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Basel serves as Program Director at Clear Recovery Center. His firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge of recovery make him a valuable contribution to the Clear Recovery Center Team.

Basel has over seven years of experience working with both adolescents and young adults in addiction recovery. His compassion, professionalism and personal drive make him an exemplary role model.

Basel holds a Masters of Arts degree in counseling from Antioch University. In his spare time, Basel enjoys snowboarding, exercise, hiking and spending time at the beach.


Jamie Arthur, CATC, CADC-I

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Jamie Arthur is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor with five years of experience in substance abuse treatment. Prior to her time at Clear, Jamie was a counselor and program coordinator at a structured sober living for women with children.

She has also worked at an IOP facility that serves adolescents and adults.

Driven by her personal experience of getting sober with four young children at home, Jamie has dedicated the last few years of her life to guiding women to live a healthy lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs. Her personal experience, her strong belief in the 12-step model of recovery and her passion for helping others reconnect with their families make her an incredible asset to the Clear family.


Diane Bagatourian, LMFT

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Diane received her Master of Science Degree in Marital and Family Therapy from California State University, Dominquez Hills.

She is a member of the California Association of Marital and Family Therapists. Diane has over 14 years of experience providing psychotherapy to individuals, families, couples and children in the South Bay.

Diane is passionate about her work and feels proud to work for an outpatient facility that is dedicated to recovery, integrity and family. In her spare time, Diane enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending theater and music events and broadening her cultural experience.


Grant Overmire, AMFT

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Grant obtained his undergraduate and graduate degree in psychology from Cal State Northridge. He is currently an AMFT working towards licensure. He has worked in mental health treatment for 8 years and has specialized in substance abuse. He has a strong knowledge base in 12 step recovery, as well as life skills and fitness. He feels that mental health and substance abuse issues are finally getting the recognition they deserve and is excited to work on the front lines treating those who need help.

For fun Grant enjoys getting in the ocean, watching movies and finding new restaurants around LA. He is also a licensed skydiver and certified master diver.



Reid Hanlon, PsyD

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Dr. Reid Hanlon has spent more than a decade working in the mental health field. His experience providing psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and case management allows him to serve individuals, couples and families who struggle with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Known for being direct, authentic and deeply compassionate, Dr. Hanlon seeks to help break the dysfunctional behavior patterns that prevent people from becoming the individuals they are meant to be. Dr. Hanlon lives in the South Bay of Los Angeles with his wife and two young boys. He also had private practice offices located both in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach.


Sophia Galano, LCSW

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Sophia Galano, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#87234). After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Pitzer College, Sophia earned a Masters Degree from New York University.

Sophia specializes in adolescent and young adult therapy, with a focus in addiction and chemical dependency. Sophia utilizes a creative approach in pursuing a deeper understanding of the human psyche, and has extensive experience in residential, inpatient and outpatient settings. In addition to her clinical role at Clear Recovery Center, Sophia provides individual and family therapy at Manhattan Beach Professional Group. As a trained fine artist, Sophia may also incorporate art and creative therapies into her work. Sophia is an active member of the National Associate of Social Workers.


Gracie Walker, MFTT

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Gracie Walker is a Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee who received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in ‘Addiction & Recovery’ from Antioch University.

Gracie has experience working with clients who struggle with issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction and personality disorders. Gracie is especially interested in the correlation between trauma and addiction, and is currently furthering her education on the topic by pursuing licensure in EMDR therapy.


Brian Lutz, LMFT

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Brian earned his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. He is an alumni and graduate of Clear’s outpatient program. After personally experiencing what the program has to offer and realizing the impact that it had on his life, Brian is eager to help others in their recovery.

Brian’s areas of strength include working with chronic illness, substance abuse, and helping people who are struggling with relationship and family issues. Additionally he focuses on helping people to identify and work through their unique areas of struggle in order to achieve their optical performance. Brian believes that by increasing awareness of specific areas of struggle, incorporating new perspectives and integrating new experiences, people can become more flexible and have more productive responses to life’s challenges. Born and raise din the South Bay, Brian is excited for the opportunity to help his local community to live more meaningful, productive and fulfilling lives.


Kristina Cleland, LMFT

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Kristina earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from San Diego State University and Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from USC. She has extensive experience with adolescents, adults, families and groups in the outpatient treatment setting working with co-occurring disorders such as addiction and mental health.

Kristina has worked as a therapist in the private practice setting in Hermosa Beach, CA with adolescents, teens, adults, and families struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and addiction. Kristina’s passion is to work with individuals struggling with addiction, and the underlying issues that drive the addiction. She utilize a variety of therapy approaches depending on the clients’ needs such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, person-centered, and mindfulness.


Rosa Blasi, MFTT

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Rosa is a Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee, who received her BA in Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and will complete her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in ‘Addiction & Recovery’ from the same university in June 2019.

Rosa believes that addiction is often a response to trauma and she has attended workshops for the treatment of sexual trauma, eating disorders, LGBTQ counseling and domestic violence and believes that being honest, transparent and forthcoming in a therapeutic context is most beneficial to the client. Rosa has past experience working with women struggling with alcohol and substance abuse at Miriam’s House, a non-profit sober living facility based in Los Angeles and experiential learning as a member of Al-anon.


Evan Papadakis, LCSW

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Evan Papadakis is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Masters in Social Work. At Clear Recovery Center, Evan creates individualized treatment plans for adolescent clients ranging from recovery goals to life aspirations, by encouraging daily discipline and continual self-reflection to help clients achieve success.

His primary practice is Gestalt therapy, an existential and experiential form of psychotherapy. He emphasizes personal responsibility, a therapist–client relationship and environmental and social contexts of the client’s life in the recovery process.

Born and raised in South Bay, Evan offers valuable experience with the youths’ challenges, such as balancing academics, social pressures and family relationships. Evan is also highly specialized in school intervention for at-risk teens with 5 years of dedication to the South Bay youth community, counseling 1st to 12th grade students. Evan intuitively understands how to approach, mentor and inspire troubled youth.


Shawn Howard, AMFT

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Shawn earned his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University (Marriage & Family Therapy 2009) and is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (BFA Theater/Acting 1992).


Gayle Dargel, AMFT

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Gayle Dargel M.A., AMFT attended Whittier College for her undergraduate degree where she studied neuropsychology and child development. Gayle later moved to work with children with autism, providing in-home parent coaching and floor time attachment-based play therapy to families and children of the ASD population. While attending Hope International University as a master’s student of clinical psychology she earned her induction to the Delta Kappa Honors society RHO chapter for academic achievement.

Gayle transitioned to the private practice setting where she gained training in EMDR. After obtaining her clinical practicum hours she worked at a psychiatric hospital treating patients for two years with chronic and acute mental illness. For the past 4 years she has worked with children, families, couples and individuals in various settings and continues to carry a high standard of care to all her clients.

Her theoretical approach includes EMDR, attachment and client centered therapy. “I see myself as a watchful guide into deeper parts of themselves that they have suppressed. My ultimate goal in therapy is to encourage the true and real aspects of their personality to radiate from them, no longer hidden by symptoms and addiction. Of course this is something that requires time, courage and endurance however at the end of the day they are on a journey of self discovery and self love.”


Benjamin Gilbert, AMFT

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Benjamin Gilbert is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist who received his master’s degree in Counseling from California State University, Northridge. 

Benjamin has experience working with clients struggling with mental health challenges and addiction.  Before joining Clear Recovery Center, Benjamin worked as part of a mental health outreach team that provided therapy and case management to clients in the community in an effort to improve treatment outcomes, reduce inpatient hospitalizations and combat homelessness.         

Benjamin is excited to be working with the Clear Team to continue supporting clients in recovery.


Cody Gauthier, ASW

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Cody is an ASW #86118 who provides individual therapy for children, adolescents, and young adults. He specializes in treating adjustment difficulties, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and trauma. Cody has worked with children, adolescents, young adults, and families across 3 different states since becoming a clinician.

He also specializes in substance use treatment, and has vast experience working with children, teens, and young adults in inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment. His goals are not only in support of the child, but in alignment with the whole family and their recovery. Cody’s passion for this works comes from the myriad of supportive mentors in his life that have instilled values related to the helping profession.

Group Facilitators

Group facilitator

Kevin Sousa, LMFT

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A lifetime of mentoring, coaching and teaching has led to Kevin work of assisting people through the rigidity and/or chaos of life. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Ocean Therapist, Program Director of Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, Clinical Director at The Promises Foundation’s Miriam’s House, Group Therapy Facilitator at Clear Recovery and Doctoral Candidate in Depth Psychotherapy he continues forward on a spiritual path toward growth and exploration of psyche, soul, and self.

He works and act as a conduit for my clients as they search within to uncover the answers that they have suppressed due to the pain of past experiences as well as the simple stresses of everyday life. Together they seek out who they are and where they want to go, how to matter in this world. The work intrinsically leads toward understanding and love of self and in turn life.

His days are spent in private practice, studying, surfing, writing, working as a professional musician and giving back freely to his community that has given him so much.

Group facilitator

Lisa Blume, LMFT

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Lisa has her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles with a specialization in Spiritual Depth Psychology. Her background consists of Mindfulness-based psychotherapist with a focus on psychodynamic, solution-focused and CBT.

She’s worked in recovery for 3 years running groups and treating individuals and their families in outpatient treatment centers. She grew up in addiction and has witnessed family and friends struggle with the effects of substance use and mental illness. Men, women and adolescents in recovery are some of the most courageous and resilient people she knows. They have suffered an insurmountable amount of grief and loss while working incredibly hard to live a life of purpose and passion despite the trauma they have faced.

A fun fact about her is that she’s a Native New Yorker and loves listening and dancing to Latin music!

Group facilitator

Chris Stretch, LCSW

Read Chris' Bio

Chris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist and serves as a Group Facilitator at Clear Recovery Center. His own experience in sobriety and recovery, as well as his time spent working in a clinical setting help to make him a important contributor to Clear Recovery Center. Chris Stretch is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist and a Peak Performance Coach with a practice in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Chris has had a long path to his current profession as given his early mental health struggles which lead to a severe addiction. Chris’s sobriety and eventual recovery led him to his current profession where he currently works with adolescents and addicts and also speaks at conferences and in the community on topics related to drug use, addiction and mental health. Chris also helps young athletes deal with the pressures of performance and speaks in the community on this topic as well.

Chris has an undergrad degree in political science from UC Davis and a Masters in Social Work from Cal State University of Dominguez Hills. At Davis, Chris was an all conference baseball player and played minor league baseball for a short time. Chris love kids and enjoys working at local kids camps during the summer teaching mental skills to athletes as young as 4 years old.

yoga instructor

Anne Spinner

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Anne has been teaching yoga since 2009. Trained in the vinyasa modality of yoga, Anne brings all sorts of aspects of the yogic lifestyle into her practice to strengthen mind and body in an equal and balanced way. Using mindfulness and meditation in a variety of ways, Anne helps each student to find something within the practice that they enjoy and will take with them to use as a tool for many years to come.

Group facilitator

Jessica Moss, M.F.A.

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Jess received her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from The University of Washington and earned her BFA from Boston University.

Jess is passionate about providing the best care possible to clients and giving back to a community that has done so much for her. Jess holds her RADT-I and is currently pursuing her CATC. In her spare time, Jess loves to travel, write and spend time with her friends.

Group facilitator

Colleen Ecker,

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At Clear Recovery Colleen provides client-focused group counseling and psychological educational presentations. She is a certified alcohol and drug counselor, intervention professional, co-occurring disorder professional, educational consultant, and bereavement and crisis counselor. She holds degrees in advertising/marketing, social sciences and a masters in education. She has more than 18 years experience in the field of addiction, co-occurring disorders and behavioral health.

She uses a client-centered approach when working with individuals and families. She is trained in DBT, CBT, mindfulness and trauma informed treatment modalities. She has held several positions in the fields of substance abuse and behavioral health with the California Department of Education, Los Angeles Unified School District, Marymount University and in treatment centers. She holds several advisory board positions for non-profit organizations, treatment centers and sober living homes.

Throughout her career she has specialized in providing community education to parents, adolescents, and young adults. It is her passion to inform and educate the community about substance abuse and behavioral health, and to help individuals and families find hope and recovery. Colleen and her husband are long time residents of the South Bay, where they have raised their four sons, who are now young adults.


Alexander McBean, M.A.

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Alexander has two valid teaching credentials in the state of California, his B.S in Communications from Butler University and has his M.A in special education K-12 from Cal State Dominguez Hills. He has experience with the youth due to his 21 years of teaching in Torrance USD, working with middle school, high school, and alternative school students. He enjoys helping students stay organized to achieve their potential in school while focusing on desired post-secondary objectives. When he’s not helping his students he’s enjoying family time at home riding a unicycle and juggling.


Case Managers

Lead case Manager

Lindsey Rae Ackerman, MFTT, CHHC, RADT

Read Lindsey's Bio

Lindsey Rae is a Certified Health and Life Coach and a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. She has also completed a specialized course for Addiction and Eating Disorders at The Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies.

An ever-evolving student and teacher who’s compassionately driven journey to healing her own trauma led to a dynamic career in design, personal development, and wellness all through a spiritual lens.

Combining years of interpersonal-organizational management and creative visual merchandising experience with personal therapeutic endeavors, spiritual studies, and professional training in a number of holistic healing modalities, Lindsey creates a unique environment for her client’s transformational healing journey.

Offering an inspiring blend of coaching, mentoring, and counseling she supports courageous humans in what she likes to call “self-directed evolution.”

She is committed to gently challenging individuals to drop beneath the surface level chaos of the self-help and wellness world to focus on the real (inner) work. Guiding them along the path and encouraging them to cultivate more depth and beauty in their life while reminding them of their collective responsibility and connection to one another.

Lead Case Manager

Sebastian Martin, RADT

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Sebastian has been working in drug and alcohol treatment for the past 5 years and has a passion for assisting people as they work through areas of life similar to the ones that he has struggled with. Before joining the team at Clear Recovery Center, Sebastian was a program director for New Life House East.

Sebastian is currently attending school, and is RAD-T certified. Sebastian takes pride in having the opportunity to help and assist individuals who are struggling with mental health, and or substance abuse.

Lead Case Manager

Alicia Molina, CATC-I

Read Alicia's Bio

Alicia has been serving Clear Recovery Center as a case manager for over two years. Her passion for working in recovery comes from a love and respect for those trying to get well, better themselves, and recover from the disease of addiction.

She is passionate about her own sobriety, and she is honored to give back the gift of recovery to our Clear clients.

Alicia’s favorite part about working in recovery is witnessing “the magical shift” that happens for others in the areas of sustained sobriety, health and wellness, family and relationships, and spirituality.

Alicia looks forward to enrolling in an undergraduate program in psychology so that she can become a therapist and a life coach. In her spare time, she loves spending quality time with her family and kids, going to the gym, and spending quiet time at home.

Case Manager

Delaney McCaslin, RADT

Read Delaney's Bio

Delaney is a Case Manager at Clear Recovery Center. Delaney has been working in the field for 7 years and has been apart of the recovery community for over 9 years. Delaney is passionate and dedicated to help women in recovery and better improve their lives. Aside from work, Delaney enjoys hikes with her dog and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Case Manager

Dave Barge, RADT

Read Dave's Bio

Dave Barge has served in the recovery/treatment community in several different capacities during his 46 years of sobriety. He has been on the Board of several transitional living homes including the House of Hope, Serenity House and House of Miracles.

Working with the National Council of Alcoholism beginning in 1980 (which supports many 12 step houses), Dave has a deep knowledge of what it takes to help people in recovery. He has worked in several hospital setting including Gardena Memorial Hospital, South Bay Hospital and Long Beach Memorial Hospital. He is also a founding member of “Wayback Inn” detox center. He is also a founder and current CEO of the South Bay Family Roundup convention for AA and Al-Anon.

Case Manager

Peter Ehrenfreid, RADT

Read Peter's Bio

Peter is a Case Manager at Clear Recovery Center. His experience with addiction and recovery inspires Peter to help clients build new lives for themselves in sobriety. He is currently working towards his CADC-I.

Peter is dedicated to passing the gift of recovery to those in need, and having the opportunity to guide clients at Clear with their sobriety, relationships, and emotional stability motivates him.

Peter’s strong foundation in the 12-step model of recovery and aptitude for helping others make him a valuable addition to the Clear Recovery team. He feels fortunate for the opportunity to work with clients and is eager to give away what he has gained from his own experience in sobriety. In his free time, Peter enjoys exercise, playing sports, and spending time with family.

Case Manager

Thomas Hoffman, RADT

Read Thomas' Bio

Thomas is a Case Manager currently working towards his CADC. Thomas has been apart of the Los Angeles recovery community for over 9 years and enjoys assisting newly sober individuals find freedom from addiction the way he has. Aside from work, Thomas insists on enjoying life through surfing, exercise and spending quality time with friends and family.

Case Manager

Zach Arnell, RADT

Read Zachary's Bio

Zach serves as a Case Manager at Clear Recovery Center. His own experience with addiction and recovery has given Zach the passion to help people recover from addiction and mental health.

Zach has over 1 year of experience working with young adults and adolescents struggling with addiction. His empathy, understanding and compassion make him an excellent role model.

Zach holds a Associates Degree in psychology from Santa Barbara City College. He is currently in the process of obtaining his Bachelors and Masters degree in psychology from Antioch. In his spare time, Zach enjoys working out, snowboarding and playing sports.

Case Manager

Austin Short, RADT

Read Austin's Bio

Austin has been working in this field for over a year ranging from teens to adults. Working in recovery has always been something he wanted to do partially because he went through similar struggles and to be on the other side of things now he wants to bring what he learned to hopefully help others who struggled with the same things as he did.

Case Manager

Isabel Sainz, RADT

Read Isabel's Bio

Isabel has her RADT-1 certification. She is currently attending Long Beach City College to obtain her CADAAC and complete her AA in Psychology. She worked at Newport Beach Recovery Center for a year before coming to Clear Recovery Center.

At NBRC she worked in the detox as a detox technician/ case manager, her job description was to facilitate groups and have support clients. She also completed intakes and communicated with doctors to make sure that their orders were being met throughout the detox for the client. What inspires her to work in treatment is her need for wanting to help others that are struggling with addiction and mental health.

Eventually she would like to become a psychiatrist and work with adolescents and adults. Fun fact about her, she grew up around the beach her entire life, loves swimming and anything that involves the water. She also loves traveling and going to new places she has never been before.

Case Manager

Matthias Kelterborn, RADT

Read Matthias' Bio

Matthias is a Case Manager at Clear Recovery Center. He has been inspired through his own experiences as an alcoholic with this same program. He wants to pay it forward to others by working in the program whom he considers having saved his life. He feels forever grateful for this outlet and wants to pay it forward and considers it an honor to be apart of anyone’s recovery.

Case Manager

Nicole Gabbay

Read Matthias' Bio

Niki Gabbay serves as Case Manager at Clear Recovery Center and has in BA majoring in Psychology and minoring in Addiction Studies. Niki has finished the first year of her masters program at Antioch University and is obtaining her hours to receive her MFT licensure. Niki has over seven years of experience working with both adolescents and adults and has been a part of the recovery community for over 8 years.

She specializes in helping others achieve an enjoyable and impactful life through creating a safe space to open up about one’s struggles. Her first hand experience and in-depth knowledge regarding the needs of adolescents and adults are what the clients appreciate most about her. Niki often times asks her individual client’s to bring a picture of themselves as a child and speak to their inner child in the ways they feel they did not receive. Niki believes in personal responsibility, awareness, and humility in order to grow. She feels an overwhelming amount of gratitude for being given the opportunity to aid people in their life struggles and spends her free time studying poetry under the Persian poet Rumi. She also spends time with her emotional support dog Rudy, who brings her immense joy. She also has a bearded dragon named Jessica who lays on her chest while she is reading and writing papers for school. Niki’s compassionate energy and spiritual nature are her most distinctive qualities in uncovering your one’s true self and believing that each individual holds beauty and uniqueness underneath the vale of their struggles.

Outreach Team

Clinical OUtreach

Emily Pedersen, MPH, M.S.Ed.

Read Emily's Bio

Emily Pedersen holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Master of Public Health degree with a certificate in health inequities from Johns Hopkins University.

As a former educator with a strong professional background in public health research, Emily has extensive experience partnering with communities to improve health and educational outcomes. She has served as a teacher, team-lead and professional curriculum developer for Baltimore City Public Schools as well as a senior research coordinator for the Johns Hopkins Department of Epidemiology and is passionate about connecting great providers in the behavioral health space.

clinical outreach

Marina Braff, LMFT

Read Marina's Bio

Marina Braff is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She works in the South Bay as a private practice therapist, specializing in adolescents and working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and managing life transitions.

Marina has presented all around the South Bay on topics ranging from teens and technology to communication in the workplace and time management. She has presented at local schools, various community programs, including National Charity League and businesses such as Air New Zealand and Manduka.

Marina is responsible for connecting with local clinicians, psychiatrists, and physicians in the South Bay to spread the word on all that is happening at Clear Recovery. Additionally, Marina works with local schools and community organizations to organize educational events and curates meaningful networking opportunities for mental health providers.

Legal outreach

Ty Stillerman

Read Ty's Bio

Ty Stillerman has been a part of the Clear Recovery Center community for almost three years. Ty is a strong proponent of reform in the justice system surrounding issues of substance abuse and mental health.

He understands that a compassionate approach to individuals struggling with criminal, family, or civil matters, may help break the endless cycle of incarceration. He is active in the legal community, working towards effecting positive change. Ty is currently pursuing his education and hopes to attain a law degree. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and reading.

Executive Team

Executive DIrector

Michael Joly

Read Michael's Bio

Michael Joly is the CEO of Clear Recovery Center, with over 20 years of experience in addiction and mental health recovery. Mike has devoted his entire career to helping individuals and their families heal and recover from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

His passion for recovery is unparalleled. He has built a wealth of knowledge and experience that translates across many disciplines.

Michael is actively involved in bringing community awareness to living a positive and healthy lifestyle by working as a substance abuse and prevention consultant to various educational and healthcare systems. His expertise has provided him guest appearances in major media outlets throughout the United States. Michael is also a prominent figure in the South Bay recovery community. He is heavily involved with numerous non-profits and gives back through a variety of impactful organizations. Michael’s experience and love of helping others allow him to bring his own unique brand of passion, enthusiasm and warmth to prospective clients and their families.

chief operations officer

Jeanette Barreto, M.P.A.

Read Jeanette's Bio

Jeanette Barreto is the Director of Business Development at Clear Recovery Center and holds a BA in Sociology from California State University, Fullerton and a Master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership from National University.

Jeanette has a background in executing outreach and business development for mental health and substance abuse organizations across California. She has aided in the development of programs from the ground up to meet the need for mental health and substance abuse services for both adolescents and adults, and loves working in a sector where her work benefits so many individuals in need.

Jeanette has worked in both the public and private sectors; developing strategic partnerships and linking professionals and patients to mental health and substance abuse programs. She believes that relationship building and collaboration are key to ensure that professionals, family members and those in need of mental health and substance abuse services know where to find help.

Jeanette is passionate about helping others access resources and support during the most challenging times in their lives. She combines her education and experience to ensure that necessary services and programs are accessible to both professionals and the community.

Chief financial officer

Laure Linn, M.B.A.

Read Jeanette's Bio

Laure Linn joined Clear Recovery Center as Chief Financial Officer in July 2019. Prior to joining Clear, Laure held previous financial roles at Bank of America, Paramount Pictures and CBS. She also worked in the Digital practice at Accenture. Throughout her 20-year career, Laure has established a reputation for building world-class teams and for aligning financial and business metrics to support business strategy and high-growth. Laure holds a BA in Economics from UCLA and an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Administrative  Team

office manager

Daisy Barajas

Read Daisy's Bio

Prior to her time at Clear, Daisy worked in the real estate industry as a paralegal and mortgage loan processor. She will be applying her stellar customer service skills and her highly organized work style to support our clinical and operations teams in providing excellent clinical services.

Of all her duties, Daisy is most excited to watch clients grow and thrive during their treatment at Clear.

In her spare time, Daisy enjoys spending time with friends, family and her dog Sparky, traveling, and going to the movie theater. You may also find her and her daughter hanging out with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland on her days off.

hr coordinator

Monica Juarez, B.S.

Read Monica's Bio

Monica handles all of the Human Resource responsibilities for New Life House. Prior to working here, she had experience in the Aerospace and Defense industries as a recruiter and human resources coordinator. She looks forward to bringing her expertise to New Life House in any way she can.

Monica is hard working, efficient, and understanding-a great combination to have for anyone within a Human Resources role. In her spare time she is either listening to music, at the movies watching the latest marvel flick, at the beach or park with her puppy Chester or reading her favorite comics and books with her cat Pebbles.

Executive assistant

Karina Lopez, B.A.

Read Karina's Bio

Karina holds a BA in Psychology along with a minor in Sociology. She is the Executive Assistant at Clear Recovery Center. Prior to working here, she worked in the ABA field providing one-on-one aid to children of disabilities for over three years. While also working as a personal assistant for a family in Manhattan Beach. Her goal is to help ease our operation teams stress and obstacles, so clinical can run smoothly and provide the best care possible. In her spare time, Karina is an adventurous and free spirited individual therefore, enjoys, painting, rock climbing, planning her next trip, or meditating.

qa manager

Ryan Bursik, CADC-I

Read Ryan's Bio

Ryan has been sober for 9 years and has been working in the field of recovery for the past few, managing and directing a sober living home.

Ryan has a passion for helping others and utilizing his experience to guide clients by serving as a peer counselor to them. In his free time he enjoys going to the beach, hiking and bike riding.

QA coordinator

Beck Richards,

Read Beck's Bio

Beck joins Clear Recovery Center as a Case Manager helping guide others through their journey in recovery. Beck graduated from UCLA Extension in 2018 with a certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling.

Beck has has made the decision to work in the recovery field stemming from a long-standing passion to help others with personal struggles and hopes to help her clients at Clear Recovery Center by sharing her own experience.

Patient accounting Manager

Viren Padhiar

Read Viren's Bio

Viren Padhiar is a Southern California native. He enjoys being outdoors, working on vehicles, and spending time with his german shepherd, Kevin. Viren comes from a tight-knit family and loves the opportunity he gets on a daily basis to support an amazing team, helping the South Bay.

patient accounting specialist

Gricela Mendoza

Read Gricela's Bio

Gricela joins the Clear Recovery Center staff as an administrative assistant. Her past work experience in the hospitality industry as well as helping people get back on their feet with credit repair has helped move her into an even more empathetic role of helping others navigate through their own recovery.

Having a brother go through his own experience in recovery, her own personal experience and insight to addiction has motivated her to help others through Clear Recovery Center’s various programs. Gricela enjoys being part of a team in order to make sure all of the Center’s needs and requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

patient accounting specialist

Amber Jones

Read Amber's  Bio

Before joining Clear Recovery Center, Amber spent 14 years as a standout in the hospitality industry. Amber has always possessed an empathetic touch with those around her, and her own experience in recovery, along with her attentive qualities, has formed into a natural catalyst that inspires her to help others with their own recovery.

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In addition to being in-network with Anthem, Magellan and MHN, Clear Recovery Center accepts many PPO healthplans.


Your recovery. Our philosophy. At Clear Recovery Center, our expert clinical team is here to help you achieve lasting, sustainable recovery from mental health and addiction.


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