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Clear Recovery Center understands that no single treatment approach is appropriate for everyone. We offer a variety of mental health and addiction treatment modalities to address the individual needs, preferences and goals of our clients.


Continuum of Care

While we provide a full continuum of care, our approach is individualized, evidence-based and age-specific to give our clients the best possible chance at long term recovery. We pride ourselves on our expert clinical team who is highly skilled in the latest in evidence-based treatments and therapies. 

As part of our program, each of our clients is assigned a personal therapist who works directly with them through the duration of their treatment. Additionally, every client receives support and guidance from their own case manager so that they may reenter the world more confident and prepared.

Levels of Care

Clear Recovery Center offers three different levels of care in order to meet each client’s individual treatment needs and help them achieve sustainable recovery.

Partial hospitalization program



Age-Specific Treatment

Clear Recovery Center offers three age specific tracks so our clients who come from different walks of life can focus on addressing their generation-specific challenges and goals for the future.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Clear Recovery Center is proud to offer the highest quality clinical treatment alongside our innovative, experiential therapies. Our experienced clinical team is dedicated to helping each client reach full mind and body recovery and meet their personal goals. Our clinical services include individual and group therapy, family services and routine drug screening.

case management

Clinical assessment / psychiatry

alumni services

individual therapy

Drug screening

family services

Experiential Therapy

Clear Recovery Center is dedicated to supporting our clients in achieving complete wellness: mind, body and spirit. We offer a range of holistic activities to help our clients develop discipline, focus and establish new, healthy behaviors.



life coaching

Your next step is clear.

If you are interested in learning more, contact our expert clinical team by phone 1-877-799-1985, or by requesting more information on our website. We look forward to helping you develop your plan for recovery today.


We're in-network.


In addition to being in-network with Anthem, Magellan and MHN, Clear Recovery Center accepts many PPO healthplans.


Your recovery. Our philosophy. At Clear Recovery Center, our expert clinical team is here to help you achieve lasting, sustainable recovery from mental health and addiction.


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