Nutrition & Exercise

Clear Recovery Center believes in the importance of consistent nutrition and exercise in playing a vital role in maintaining healthy living – the ultimate goal of the recovery lifestyle.

We believe that physical fitness and an active lifestyle compliment the treatment our clients receive. Physical sobriety is more than counting days sober; it is about becoming healthier and reaching one’s maximum potential. We teach our clients about proper nutrition and encourage them to be physically active in addition to our treatment programs.

Nutrition and Exercise to Help with Drug Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Nutrition & Exercise

Increased Energy

Weight Control


Improved Sleep

Long Lifespan

Reduced Stress

Most often a client’s physical health has been in decline due to substance abuse and incorporating a fitness regiment promotes a return to physical health. A focus on physical health (nutrition and exercise) allows clients a healthy avenue to feeling good, like a “runner’s high.” Exercise is a practical and positive way for a client to regain a sense of control, especially during troublesome and overwhelming times.