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People come to treatment for a lot of reasons, and more often than not, with a lot of problems. One of the most common is legal troubles. This is especially true in California, where progressive legislature allows “diversion” towards treatment for non-violent offenders suffering from mental health or substance issues. We believe that a good treatment center should not only help you to straighten out your life emotionally and physically, but also make sure that you leave with the best possible circumstances for long-term success. That’s why Clear offers specific legal coordination services to make sure you stand the best chance at overcoming your legal issues.

The Role of the Court System in Treatment

First, a little bit about the role of the courts in the treatment process. Depending on the nature of the charge and the history of the individual, certain situations may qualify for diversion. In some cases, the burden of proving an underlying issue which would be better served by treatment lies on the defendant and their attorney. If diversion is granted, it is with the requirement that certain conditions be met. This is usually some combination of intensive treatment, required drug testing, and continued court appearances. If these stipulations are adhered successfully, the charges are sometimes dropped by the prosecuting team.

While this can happen at a number of different times throughout the judicial process and the final discretion generally lies with the courts, there are two common ways in which diversion is granted—pre-trial and deferred-adjudication. Pre-trial means just that, an individual is granted diversion before pleading to any charges. This is often granted to first-time offenders, and the charges remain pending, or deferred, until successful completion of the courts mandates have occurred. At that time, charges are often dropped or minimized. The other form of diversion, deferred-adjudication, occurs after an individual has entered a “guilty” or “no contest” plea. Rather than file the plea, the court grants diversion with the understanding that the plea will be accepted if alternative criteria are not met. The treatment process proceeds very similarly to a pre-trial situation, with the charges also generally dropping upon successful completion.

Managing this process from start to finish, especially when suffering from mental health issues or addiction, can be extremely difficult. So Clear Recovery Center has developed a comprehensive legal coordination service which can help you along the way.

Lawyer Referral

Clear works closely with a number of attorneys across the South Bay, specializing in all areas of law. If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, it’s important to get legal representation as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in diversion cases, and its important you don’t try and do it yourself! If you need help finding representation, Clear can connect you with extraordinary attorneys who have been successful in cases just like yours.

Mental Health Assessments

If you are being granted diversion on the basis of mental health, the law deems that you (and your attorney) bear the “burden of proof”, or the responsibility, of proving the correlation between the crime and the underlying issue. This requires a special assessment by a licensed clinician. Because this law is relatively new, finding someone to perform these assessments can be quite difficult. Here at Clear, we have multiple clinicians specifically trained to handle these reports as outlined by the courts.


It is possible that the court calls upon the provider during the time of these diversion cases. Members of our clinical staff who have specifically worked on your treatment plan are ready and willing to speak on your behalf, if need be.


Most judges and prosecutors require periodic updates stating your progress throughout the diversion process. The appropriate staff member at Clear will keep an open line of communication with both your attorney and the courts, ensuring that updates are written, drug tests are logged, and any other requirement are met—so you don’t have to worry about it.

We Want You To Succeed

At Clear, we want you to leave with the best chance for success, and that means taking as much weight off of your shoulders as we can. Too often, individuals finish treatment to find an overwhelming mess of residual problems, legal or otherwise. It’s our hope that you leave our program with a path to recovery that’s, well…clear. So if you’ve found yourself looking towards treatment with a ‘nudge from the judge’, let Clear help you today!

Most Insurance Accepted

In addition to being in-network with Anthem, Magellan and MHN, Clear Recovery Center is covered by an array of PPO insurance policies.


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