Latest Smoking Laws Benefit the South Bay Community

California State lawmakers passed a law to raise the smoking age to 21 and regulate electronic cigarette usage. While this benefits all of California, view this page to learn how the latest smoking laws benefit the south bay community.

Latest smoking laws benefit the south bay community.

California Raises Smoking Age to 21

A new California law takes a progressive step to limit smoking. The law raised the age limit to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. By doing so, California has taken a leadership role in curbing tobacco use. Hopefully others states will follow suit and increase the smoking age to 21. Second-hand smoke is a serious health risk to nonsmokers. Cigarettes are non-biodegradable and contain over a hundred toxic chemicals. For beach communities, the new laws protect overall health and the environment.

California Passes Law Regulating Electronic Cigarette Usage

Another law was passed to ban electronic cigarettes from public places like beaches, parks, schools, restaurants and hospitals. The law reclassified all electronic cigarette and vapor products as being traditional tobacco products by law. Over the past decade, the south bay community has seen a significant increase in electronic cigarette usage. Since the law was passed, there has been some concern over stigmatizing vapor products. The main concern is that smokers looking to switch from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will be penalized. While this may be an understandable concern, there has been an increase in illicit drug use with the appearance of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes and Illicit Drug Use

There is a new way drug users are hiding their habit out in public. While most people who smoke electronic cigarettes are using nicotine-infused liquid as a way to quit smoking cigarettes, others are using the devices to smoke other licit and illicit drugs. Police officials have seen a rise in illicit drugs used in electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become a way for drug users to not only get high, but to do discreetly. Due to the lack of smoke and odor that emits from the device, it is nearly impossible to tell what substance is being used. This makes is especially difficult for parents, teachers and police officials to detect illicit drug use. Here are some of the drugs that can be smoked out of an electronic cigarette:

– Liquid THC
– Hash Oil
– Flakka
– Bath Salts
– Synthetic Marijuana (Spike or K2)
– Psychedelics (DMT)

The new law that regulates electronic cigarette usage bans electronic cigarettes from being used in public places. This law will help cut down the number of people who smoke illicit drugs in public. This is especially beneficial to the south bay community where electronic cigarette usage continually increases with every passing year. Secretive drug usage is often a telltale sign of a serious underlying issue, addiction. If someone you love is seeking alternative ways to discreetly hide drug usage, they may be suffering from substance abuse issues or addiction. Substance abuse can rapidly manifest into addiction. If someone you love is struggling with substance abuse issues, it is imperative that you seek help from an addiction specialist. If you have questions about substance abuse, addiction or addiction treatment, give New Life House a call at (877) 799-1985, we are here to help.

Latest Smoking Law Benefits the South Bay Community and Protects Overall Public Health

The new laws concerning smoking passed in California greatly benefit overall public health. By increasing the smoking age to 21, analysts predict that new smokers will decrease by 12%. The regulations passed to regulate electronic cigarettes usage in public will have a significant impact on those who choose to smoke illicit drugs out of the device. If electronic cigarettes are banned from public areas, those who use the device to get high will no longer be able to do so in public. It is undeniable the latest smoking laws benefit the south bay community. California has taken a progressive step to limit smoking. Hopefully other states will follow.

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Latest Smoking Laws Benefit the South Bay Community