The goal of the intervention process is to help someone realize that they are in need of assistance and to accept the help that is being offered.

Interventions are a therapeutic approach used to help an individual seek professional help. A professional interventionist with the aid of the individual’s family and friends usually orchestrates an intervention.

Though interventions are commonly associated with substance abuse, interventions have been used to address serious personal problems including compulsive gambling, eating disorders, self harm and for those who have suffered from some other type of traumatic event.


How do interventions work?

A properly conducted intervention is planned with the cooperation of the family and friends. Prior to the actual intervention, interventionists consult with the family and friends of the abuser to appropriately assess their situation.  At no point is the abuser involved in the decision making process regarding the intervention or treatment recommendations.

Interventions are a great stepping-stone to help one begin a path of recovery. Clear Recovery Center can help connect you with a number of certified interventionists that can assist you getting your loved one help.  These interventionists will work with you from start to finish in helping your loved one receive the necessary treatment to begin a new life.

Need Help With Intervention?

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