Individual Counseling

At Clear Recovery Center, we offer the support of an individual counselor. The counselor helps individuals uncover and treat the issues underlying their drug and alcohol abuse.

Individual counseling is a core element of a patient’s treatment at Clear Recovery Center. It is a necessary approach that assists people in their ongoing recovery. Each client is assigned to an individual counselor that creates an individualized addiction treatment plan and coordinates with the client’s other substance abuse recovery professionals; the counselor acts as the master coordinator of the client’s care.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling - South Bay LA

Individual Counseling Components

Evaluate Individual Needs

Notify Client of Structure

Create Treatment Plan

Coordinate with Treatment Professionals

Goals & Objectives of Our Outpatient Drug Counseling

  • Assist clients in better understanding addiction/harm reduction

  • Help clients recognize signs and symptoms of addiction that are personal to the client

  • Support the client in maintaining abstinence through goal-setting, chemical testing, and accountability

  • Facilitating the client in recognizing their reliance on substances to cope with problems only increase the original problem

  • Assisting the client in developing healthier and more effective coping-mechanisms and problem-solving strategies

  • Familiarize clients with healthy social groups, whether it be 12-step programs, spiritual groups, SMART Recovery, etc.

  • Encouraging the individual to continue the recovery lifestyle as a life-long process

The focus of individual counseling is to provide a safe and understanding environment where the client is able change harmful behavior, identify root problems underneath their addiction, and achieve a healthy lifestyle free from addiction.

Our individual outpatient counseling services allow our clients to understand and practice an effective approach to dealing with their addictions through understanding addiction and treatment, a documented timeline of progress, and having informative and supportive sessions.