Group Therapy

Clear Recovery Center stands behind group therapy as a critical component of addiction treatment.

Addiction often pushes an individual into isolation, furthering mental and emotional problems. Reconnecting individuals to a community of healthy people helps address these issues.

Group therapy is grounded in the group being a safe and productive environment where individuals are able to express feelings, personal truths, fears, and frustrations. Group therapy is affective in facilitating treatment because the members of the group are empathetic of one another’s struggles with addiction and its surrounding issues.

Group Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Group Therapy Components

Relapse Prevention

Early Recovery Skills

Goal Setting

Anger Management


Support Groups

Goals & Objectives of Group Therapy

  • Client’s are able to identify and relate with other’s personal experiences and offer one another advice and support

  • Individuals are able to personally witness people achieving milestones in sobriety, thereby allowing clients to experience a sense of hope to achieve their own milestones

  • Group therapy removes the sense of isolation that addicts and alcoholics experience

  • The group therapy platform allows individuals to practice healthy social skills in a productive and healthy environment

At Clear Recovery Center, our counselors are professionally trained, experienced, licensed, and understanding. They facilitate group therapy through topic-related group meetings that help clients personally identify and connect with issues on a group level.

Our adult and adolescent IOP members participate in group therapy on a regular schedule. This consistency allows the clients to progress in their personal treatment plan.