Getting Sober After the Holidays

Making the Decision To Get Sober After the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of celebration and often a time of increased substance abuse. With increased social gatherings, family celebrations and events, people with substance abuse issues often struggle during this time of the year. The New Year is a time to create positive changes and make resolutions for a healthier and happier new year.

Do Withdrawal Symptoms Mean You Are Addicted?

Many people who do not struggle with addiction choose to partake in “Dry January,” and stay sober during the month of January. For those struggling with addiction, the decision to get sober after the holidays may not be so much a choice but a necessity. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process that requires willingness and determination. For an addict who is motivated and willing to change, emotional and physical recovery is process.

The Holidays Season Often Highlights Substance Abuse Problems

For someone struggling with addiction, getting sober after the holidays is much more than just a New Year’s resolution. It can be a painfully difficult decision and bring about fear and uncertainty. The holiday season often highlights substance abuse problems. With increased social and family gatherings, family and friends may become more aware of a loved one’s substance abuse problems. They may witness the addiction causing their worries to manifest into reality. This can be a difficult time for both the addict and loved ones. Due to this, interventions often occur during this time of year. In order to successfully recover from addiction, it is suggested that one seek professional help.

Admitting You Have a Problem and Seeking Help

Addiction is a disease. In order to recover, it is imperative than one admit that they have a problem. This is the first step towards recovery from addiction. Seeking professional help in the addiction recovery process is highly suggested. With the appropriate treatment plan, emotional and physical recovery from addiction is possible. The holiday season and New Year are busy times for treatment centers. It is important to choose the appropriate treatment program for the individual addict’s needs.

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment

There are different types of recovery programs designed to fit the individual needs of those struggling with addiction. There are several factors that contribute to the type of addiction recovery program one will choose. The level of care and treatment one requires must be considered when choosing the right rehab program. The cost and what an individual can afford is another factor that must be addressed during the process of choosing a drug rehab. While the thought of entering a drug or alcohol rehab is often unnerving for the individual struggling with substance abuse, it is important that the individual feel comfortable with the drug rehab chosen. This offers the best opportunity for both compliance and success. There are two main types of drug or alcohol rehabs available to those struggling with addiction, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient Treatment Facilities: provide 24-hour care, allowing the individual suffering from addiction to focus solely on their addiction. Inpatient facilities often provide a detox program, medication administration and both group and individual therapy. Inpatient treatment allows the individual to enter a facility free of temptations. Their only responsibility is staying sober.

Outpatient Treatment Facilities: provide daytime or evening treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The focus is on the individual and their sobriety, while allowing them to maintain their regular responsibilities. While it is often suggested that individuals begin an outpatient treatment program after completing an inpatient program, some individuals are unable to leave their work or home life for extended periods of time.

Concerned About Yourself or a Loved One?

Getting sober after the holiday season can be a difficult decision. Seeking help for addiction can evoke fear and uncertainty. Addiction is a serious and potentially fatal disease. The New Year provides the perfect opportunity to make a pivotal change in one’s life. With the right help, emotional and physical recovery from addiction is possible. If you or someone you love needs help, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call (877)799-1985 or simply click the link below.

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Getting Sober After the Holidays