Family Therapy

At Clear Recovery Center, we recognize the importance of family and emphasize working with the family as a unit.

Addiction affects the whole family, not just the individual struggling with addiction. The family must work together in order to achieve freedom from the effects of addiction. Clear Recovery Center provides the services of licensed therapists who assist the family and client improve communication and resolve familial conflicts.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Families

Family Therapy Components

Addiction Education

Family Counseling

Weekly Parent Meetings

Goals & Objectives of Family Therapy

  • Improving family communication skills

  • Looking at family roles and determining what is healthy and what is problematic

  • Identifying problematic family patterns

  • Increasing family unity, understanding individual emotions and resolving components of the past

We help the family and client work together to achieve harmony in their personal lives through family sessions, specific objectives and goals, and facilitated communication. The goal is to bring the family closer together to achieve healing for all.

Our experience has shown that the more the family works together, the more effective the client is in their treatment program. Clear Recovery Center provides a foundation for both the family and client to work through personal and family issues to achieve success.