Drug Testing

Suitable for employees or loved ones alike, drug testing provides a credible level of accountability.

At Clear Recovery Center, we believe that drug testing should never be conducted as a stand-alone solution to an individual’s drug problem.

Clear Recovery Center can help point you in the right direction for a full menu of medical drug monitoring tests that provide unparalleled choice, flexibility, and clinical value for your specific monitoring needs.

Drug testing

Why is Drug Testing important?

Comprehensive monitoring of alcohol and/or drug abuse is an important part of any recovery curriculum, especially in early recovery. Drug testing provides a level of accountability and boost esteem by showing integral results.

If you live in the Beach Cities, Clear Recovery Center offers a free confidential test to any family that wants to bring their teen or young adult to the center.

Clear Recovery Center also helps provide customized drug testing services for adults and adolescents. These services are available without participation in our recovery programs. Results may also be submitted to employers or school officials at the client’s request. Clear Recovery Center tests for a wide variety of substances and will work with you to customize a testing plan/schedule to accommodate your needs.

Call Clear Recovery Center About Drug Testing

For more information on our drug testing services, please contact us at (877) 799-1985.