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Drug abuse recovery requires the utmost care and attention from professionals. Recovery is not a quick fix. It takes time and understanding to treat the underlying emotional, physical, and mental effects that addiction has on a person.

However difficult it may seem, though, the task is not impossible, even with a serious addiction to a substance like GHB.

We can treat addiction to GHB, or Gamma hydroxybutyrate. Because GHB addiction is rare, many abusers in need of care struggle to find a treatment center that works with GHB addicts. We’re an exception.

At Clear Recovery Center, we focus on building a foundation for life-long and lasting recovery. Our staff of knowledgeable case managers and licensed therapists will work with your loved one through every step of healing. We’ll help you develop a plan to get their life back on the right track.

In order to help someone you know to get treatment for GHB addiction, you’ll need the right intervention and support system on your side. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs.

What Is GHB?

Gamma hydroxybutyrate is commonly known as a “club drug” or a “date rape” drug. Teens and young adults are particularly susceptible to this drug. It notoriously circulates at clubs and rave parties. Like other “date rape” drugs, it is most often placed in an alcoholic beverage unknowingly, used to “spike” someone into using drugs without their consent. 

Many young adults also willingly choose to take small doses of GHB because of the short-term effects of euphoria. The euphoric effect of GHB is what makes it a popular clubbing drug. It can also increase sex drive and bring a sense of tranquility. 

GHB is a central nervous system depressant, and in higher doses can be lethal. At the very least, it can bring very adverse side effects. Some of these include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea
  • Amnesia
  • Loss of consciousness or coma 

These effects can also take place even before the addiction sets in.

GHB addiction is difficult to spot and difficult to treat. Many treatment centers, and even major rehabilitation locations, do not have the staff to properly treat GHB addicts. 

Our therapists and staff at Clear Recovery Center have experience with patients who struggle with GHB addiction. We know how to help your loved one find a path towards recovery.

How We Treat GHB Addiction

We offer many standard techniques that are proven to aid the recovery process. However, the truth is that every individual rehabilitation journey is just that – individual. No two clients will have the same experience of addiction or the same healing process. Every person’s treatment is an individual assessment. We believe treatment should be tailored to each person’s needs, especially with GHB addiction.

At Clear Recovery Center, our experts work closely with each patient to create a plan that caters specifically to their needs and addiction. No one experience will ever be the same as someone else’s.

We recognize a GHB addiction can manifest in any number of ways. Only proper guidance and an understanding of your loved one’s addiction will help with treatment.

Contact us to schedule an initial appointment. We can learn more about your loved one and start the recovery process.

Concerned for yourself or a loved one?

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Our Programs

Clear Recovery Center offers three different programs. Each can be modified to fit your needs and schedule. Our therapists and case managers will help determine which method will serve the patient best. 

Each program assists both with treating addiction to GHB.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program is best suited for patients who have only recently completed their initial medical withdrawal treatment.

Withdrawal from any drug, especially GHB, can be intense and potentially life-threatening when not handled with the assistance of medical professionals. 

Once the doctor has deemed the patient well enough, our partial hospitalization program immediately begins with intensive counseling sessions and behavioral therapy. This can last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. The length of time depends on the client. 

The program meets at the Clear Recovery Center 5 hours a day for 5 days a week.

The Intensive Outpatient Program

The next step up in our programs is the intensive outpatient program. This group consists of 4-hour meetings, 3 days per week. It can last up to 12 weeks, depending on the client and the severity of their case. 

Usually, clients from the partial hospitalization program jump straight into this program upon completion of the former. It is the first step in transitioning back to “ordinary” life during recovery. It helps clients put the coping techniques and skills they have learned into practice.

The Outpatient Program

The third program is our outpatient program. This is suited for clients who are truly ready to step back into their normal lives with the community’s support behind them, including our clinical team. 

Outpatient programming, in particular, is administered case-by-case and catered to the individual. Most patients attend this program 1 to 2 times per week. When they are nearing the end of their recovery journey, this is the program for them. It is when the client truly begins to live their recovery.


Co-occuring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Substance use disorders can coincide with mental health or even multiple issues at once. That includes mood, developmental, eating, and behavioral disorders. Clear Recovery Center is equipped to handle a wide variety of co-occurring disorders.


How GHB Is Used

GHB is often referred to as a “date rape” drug. When used in high doses, it can incapacitate adults for extended periods of time, leading to its notorious use for spiking people’s drinks to aid in sexual assault. This can lead to dangerous and terrifying situations.

In cases of voluntary administration of low doses, the drug is known to induce euphoria, increase sex drive, and a sense of calm. It can boost energy for raves. However, it brings an awful crash coming back down, as with any depressant.

GHB quickly dissipates within the body: 95% of it is metabolized within the liver after only a few hours. It can be difficult to detect GHB in the system if dosed as it has a short half-life of anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, many people encounter GHB unwillingly. But for those who take it recreationally, even the first exposure to this drug can cause the user to seek more. Not many centers know how to properly treat its recreational use. Clear Recovery Center does.

Why GHB Is Addictive

Sadly, like many other club drugs, not much is really known about the addictive nature of GHB. Experts know that when used repeatedly, it can create dependency. It can be difficult for doctors to tell if GHB is being abused since it disappears from the system so quickly.

Normally, users who are not physically dependent on the drug can be treated on an outpatient basis. However, for those that are dependent, withdrawal can be severe. It is highly recommended that the withdrawal process is supervised by medical professionals. Afterwards, Clear Recovery Center can assist in the transition to a full recovery from GHB.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive GHB recovery programs and how our treatment following withdrawal builds the foundation for a successful recovery.

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Bottom Line

We are equipped to help you and your loved one deal with GHB treatment in South Bay, California. Our years of experience dealing with GHB addiction means our professionals are prepared and ready to start on the journey toward recovery with you and your loved ones. 

We never make assumptions about a person’s life or experiences and pride ourselves on providing outstanding mental health care that is both effective and long-lasting. Find out for yourself how we can help you fight GHB addiction today.

Break the cycle of addiction. Develop tools needed to reintegrate. Create a happy healthy productive life.

There are many options and resources for addiction and mental health rehabilitation recovery solutions. Clear Recovery Center offers the full range of rehabilitation and recovery services and can find the right start for your journey.


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