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At Clear Recovery Center, we understand addiction and mental health issues often go hand-in-hand. Mental health concerns can lead people down destructive and addictive paths. One of those common paths is crack cocaine addiction.

Crack cocaine addiction is a serious problem on its own. It produces psychological effects that can create or further exacerbate mental problems. This is why we treat co-occurring disorders like crack cocaine addiction at the same time. 

Is your loved one addicted to crack cocaine? At Clear Recovery Center, we can help. Call us today to start their journey to a sober and stable life.

What Is Crack Cocaine?

Crack cocaine gets its name because of the cracking sound it makes when heated. It also goes by the street names crack, base, sleet, rocks, and base. The drug brings on intense, short-lived feelings of euphoria. It also speeds up bodily functions.

Crack cocaine is rarely seen as a gateway drug. Instead, most people who use crack first start with an addiction to cocaine.

Although cocaine has been called the “rich man’s drug,” crack’s relatively inexpensive. This makes crack a particularly easy addiction to initiate.

Crack cocaine is a stimulant. It comes as a crystallized form of cocaine. Its color is typically off-white to yellow. Crack cocaine delivers a euphoric high that’s more intense than cocaine. The high lasts for a very short amount of time.

Because of its high potency, the drug can trigger strokes, heart attacks, seizures, and sudden death. In fact, crack is so powerful that even first-time users can form an addiction. They are also at greater risk of overdose. Because of this, treatment offers the best chance to beat addiction.

How We Treat Crack Cocaine Addiction

Recovery from a crack cocaine addiction is nearly impossible without professional help. The drug is so powerful that suddenly stopping crack intake can actually be dangerous.

Users in recovery need careful monitoring.

The crack cocaine treatment and rehab programs at Clear Recovery Center treat each patient’s specific addiction. Treating any mental health issues along with addiction is the most reliable way to cure addiction. This increases the likelihood that users will maintain a crack-free life.

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Our Programs

 Following detoxification, there is still likely more psychological damage which must be treated.

We offer three different programs, designed to help clients through the various stages of recovery.

Partial Hospitalization

The partial hospitalization program is best for clients who have finished their initial medical withdrawal treatment. This program occurs at a Clear Recovery Center location for 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. Depending on the client, it can last between 2 and 8 weeks. Clients in this program benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy and intensive counseling.

In cognitive behavioral therapy, patients learn how to refrain from dangerous thoughts and behaviors. After noticing patterns of addictive behavior, patients learn to replace them with more productive ones.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program can last up to 12 weeks. The program meets 3 days each week for 4 hours at a time. Depending on the individual’s treatment plan, we can adjust the schedule to be more or less intensive.

For many clients, this program usually follows the partial hospitalization program. In the intensive outpatient program, clients begin transitioning back into their everyday lives. They put into practice new coping skills and techniques they learned from cognitive behavioral therapy.

Outpatient Program

Finally, we have an outpatient program. This program aids people who are now ready to integrate back into normal life. Of course, they will still have the support of their new community and the clinical team at Clear Recovery Center.

In the outpatient program, clients attend treatment 1-2 times each week. This ultimately depends on each person’s progress and comfort level. This program eases clients through the final stages of their recovery journey. When undergoing our outpatient program, clients will be able to actively live their recovery.


Co-occuring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Substance use disorders can coincide with mental health or even multiple issues at once. That includes mood, developmental, eating, and behavioral disorders. Clear Recovery Center is equipped to handle a wide variety of co-occurring disorders.


How Crack Cocaine Is Used

There are several ways to ingest crack cocaine. The most common method is smoking. Smoking allows the drug to reach the brain almost instantly. Smoking crack regularly can lead to respiratory problems. Lung damage and internal bleeding are common.

Many users also will inject crack cocaine. Because of its high potency, fatal overdoses can happen even to first-time users. First-time users are always at risk whether they smoke or inject the drug.

Why Crack Cocaine Is Addictive

When it comes to psychological dependence, crack cocaine is one of the most powerful drugs in the world. The purity of the drug can vary between 75% and 100%. This makes the substance much more intense than powder cocaine.

Because of its potency, it doesn’t take a lot for a user to become addicted to crack cocaine. Even people who ingest the drug once can become dependent.

The high is so euphoric and brief that users instantly want more. As they continue to take more and more, their bodies quickly become dependent on the substance. Each time a user smokes the drug, the brain releases dopamine – the happiness chemical. When the user is off the drug, normal dopamine production inside the body diminishes. This leaves the user depressed and craving more.

Because the euphoria only lasts a few minutes, users need to constantly binge the drug to maintain the high. As tolerance builds, abusers eventually need to ingest the drug just so that they can feel normal. Crack’s extremely high potency can quickly lead to addiction.

Although crack is cheap in small doses, its short-term duration leads users constantly to require larger amounts. Abusers can easily spend thousands of dollars a week just to sustain their addiction.

Addiction is a difficult and complicated disease. But with treatment from Clear Recovery Center, addicts can overcome their crack cocaine dependence and reclaim their lives. By contacting us today, you can provide immediate help to your loved one that they desperately need.

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Bottom Line

We are equipped to help you and your loved one deal with crack cocaine treatment in South Bay, California. Our years of experience dealing with crack cocaine addiction means our professionals are both prepared and ready to start on the journey toward recovery with you and your loved ones.

We never make assumptions about a person’s life or experiences and pride ourselves on being providers of outstanding mental health care that is both effective and long-lasting. Find out for yourself how we can help you fight crack cocaine addiction today.

Break the cycle of addiction. Develop tools needed to reintegrate. Create a happy healthy productive life.

There are many options and resources for addiction and mental health rehabilitation recovery solutions. Clear Recovery Center offers the full range of rehabilitation and recovery services and can find the right start for your journey.


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