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Cocaine abuse is no bad habit. It can be a life-threatening addiction. When someone you love is addicted to cocaine, it does more than just affect them. It affects everyone around them.

Detoxing from cocaine and finding the road to recovery is a difficult journey for your loved one to take alone. Clear Recovery treatment centers can help.

With the support and supervision of trained staff and therapy programs, your loved one can step into Clear Recovery with an addiction and leave with the tools for sobriety. We do everything in our power to ensure our patients stay motivated to live sober for the long haul.

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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is both a stimulant and an anesthetic. It comes from coca leaves, a plant from South America. This powerful drug is typically sold on the street as pure cocaine. However it hardly ever meets those purity standards. Dealers typically cut the drug with other substances such as baking soda, flour, or talcum powder to create a larger supply.

Pure, smokable cocaine is called freebase cocaine. This option isn’t as popular today as crack cocaine or powder cocaine because this kind is difficult to make. Crack cocaine, on the other hand, is a cheaper form of the drug that’s rock-like and made from powdered cocaine. The main difference between crack cocaine and powder is how quickly the effects kick in. With crack cocaine, addiction also forms faster.

In the 1800s, scientists isolated the active ingredient found in coca leaves to create a more potent version, naming it cocaine. After being removed from US medicinal tonics in 1914 due to addictive and harmful effects, it resurfaced as a street drug in the 1970s and 80s.

In 2016, over 5 million Americans admitted to using cocaine within the year. If you believe your loved one is one of these numbers, you can get help for them today at Clear Recovery.

How We Treat Cocaine Addiction

While everyone develops addictions for different reasons, we recognize that addiction is often concurrent with other mental health conditions and disorders. We recognize that addiction cannot simply be overcome with strong willpower. Just like any other disorder or disease, it needs careful and effective treatment.

We believe in tackling issues collectively and treating the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. If someone in your life is facing addiction, Clear Recovery can help.

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Our Programs

We offer three different program options for cocaine addiction. Each is designed with certain clients in mind to best care for them through all stages of recovery. The three options include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs.

Partial Hospitalization

This program is made for those who have just finished their initial withdrawal. Now, these clients are ready to start with behavioral therapy and counselling. They’ll progress towards sustainable sobriety. This program is found at Clear Recovery Centers 5 days each week, for 5 hours each. This program can last anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the individual needs of the client.

Intensive Outpatient

This middle-ground program treats clients three days a week, for four hours each. It’s ideal for those who have just completed our partial hospitalization program. The length of this program depends on each person’s treatment plan. It will help them transition back into everyday routines at the end of the program. Through this transition, clients are able to use the coping skills and techniques they learned in their real life to find a flow that works for them.

Outpatient Program

This less invasive option is for those who are ready to reintegrate back into their normal routine. However, they still have access to the Clear Recovery community and clinical support. This program is tailored to fit the needs of each patient as they gradually leave Clear Recovery. Usually this involves attending treatment once or twice a week until they have completed the final stages of recovery and feel independently stable. This is when the patient begins actively living out their own recovery and practicing self-sustained sobriety.

Clear Recovery Centers focus on the whole person, not just the addiction. Each program is designed to help each client move forward in their journey until they’re able to lead out a healthy, sober life on their own. Call us today if we can help.


Co-occuring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Substance use disorders can coincide with mental health or even multiple issues at once. That includes mood, developmental, eating, and behavioral disorders. Clear Recovery Center is equipped to handle a wide variety of co-occurring disorders.


How Cocaine Is Used

Cocaine can be used or ingested in multiple different ways. The most common is through snorting. Snorting, in particular, can cause a number of serious health issues including permanent damage to the nasal passages.

Other than snorting, the drug can also be swallowed, smoked, or injected directly into a vein. Some users will also rub the powder onto their gums or in their mouth to feel the anesthetic effect and get high. Others will mix a bit of cocaine into a marijuana pipe or cigarette and smoke it to balance out the effects.

A much more dangerous combination, however, is when cocaine is consumed along with heroin, creating a toxic mix often referred to as speedball.

Injecting and smoking lead to a much quicker high. However any method can lead to addiction and risk of overdose.

Why Cocaine Is Addictive

Cocaine is addictive because of the changes it creates in brain chemistry. Each time the drug is used, there’s a burst of dopamine that rushes to the brain, bringing along with it a feeling of euphoria. When the drug is used consistently, this causes addiction rapidly.

When dopamine interacts with the brain’s reward system, it makes people want to continue using it. Once the initial rush is gone, it kicks in the desire to get more. Studies have even shown that between 5-6% of those who use cocaine become dependent within one year of consistent use.

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Bottom Line

We are equipped to help you and your loved one deal with cocaine treatment in South Bay, California. Our years of experience dealing with cocaine addiction means our professionals are both prepared and ready to start on the journey toward recovery with you and your loved ones.

We never make assumptions about a person’s life or experiences and pride ourselves on being providers of outstanding mental health care that is both effective and long-lasting. Find out for yourself how we can help you fight cocaine addiction today.

Break the cycle of addiction. Develop tools needed to reintegrate. Create a happy healthy productive life.

There are many options and resources for addiction and mental health rehabilitation recovery solutions. Clear Recovery Center offers the full range of rehabilitation and recovery services and can find the right start for your journey.


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