The first step prior to dealing with the underlying issues of drug abuse may be detoxification. Detoxification or “detox” refers to the process of removing toxins from the body.

Drug and chemical detoxification is designed to help individuals’ withdrawal safely from the toxins the body has become dependent on. The physical withdrawals of not having the toxins one’s body has become dependent on can cause severe health problems and can even be fatal.


Types of detoxification (detox)

Detoxification is an important aspect of the rehab process; yet it should not be considered a full course of treatment. Without addressing the behavioral and emotional issues surrounding one’s drug abuse, an individual is likely to relapse again. There are two models of detoxification, medically managed detoxification and non-medical detox.

Medically-Managed Detox

A medically managed detoxification provides supervision and the utilization of specific medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms in a safe manner. This is done through the care of a doctor that specializes in addiction medicine. Certain medications used to ease withdrawal symptoms can be habit-forming themselves.

Medically managed detoxification is the most recommended model of detox for individual depending on habit-forming substances. The safe and supervised setting allows an individual personalized care as they go through withdrawal.

Non-Medical Detox

A non-medical detox does not involve clinical or medical supervision and is not assisted by medication to aid the withdrawal process. The generalized theory regarding this model is to promote the physical and emotional discomfort for the individual in hopes that they do not want to repeat the experience in the future.

Most health care professionals do not recommend this “scared straight” approach as they feel it to be an ineffective model for successful recovery. Depending on the individual, the withdrawal from alcohol, drugs or prescription medications can be dangerous or fatal.

Clear Recovery Center understands that oftentimes an individual needs detox and/or primary treatment before entering an outpatient program. We are here to help assist you and/or your loved one in making sure that you get into a reputable program regardless of whether you come to Clear Recovery Center or not.

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