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Depression is a serious mental health disorder. It affects around 7% of the adult population in the U.S.

Treatment for this condition is proven to be effective. 80% of patients who seek treatment notice an improvement of their symptoms within weeks. Unfortunately, a lot of patients suffering from it don’t seek treatment. Some see their condition as “a phase.” Others view it as something they can work through on their own. They don’t believe that professional intervention is necessary.

Family members of patients often have good intentions. However, they may dismiss their loved ones’ depression diagnoses because of:

  • Social stigma around the condition
  • A lack of knowledge on how it affects a patient’s life
  • Denial of the severity of their loved one’s condition

A lack of support can worsen a patient’s condition. Clear Recovery Center offers group therapy to increase education around the topic.

Clear Recovery Center makes the recovery process smooth for both patients and families. If your loved one is suffering from depression, allow Clear Recovery Center to help. Reach out to us for more information at 1-877-799-1985.

What Is Depression?

Depression is an ongoing medical condition. It negatively impacts patients’ everyday lives. It can take a variety of forms, to include:

  • Major depression
  • Persistent depressive disorder
  • Psychotic disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Seasonal affective disorder

There is no precise cause of these forms. Environmental and psychological factors can increase the likelihood of a patient developing this condition. Some common causes of this medical disorder are:

  • A significant life event: The loss of a job or personal relationship can contribute to depression. Traumatic events, like the death of a loved one, can increase the likelihood of depression.
  • Genes: Patients often have family members with the same condition.

Depression affects a patient in significant mental ways. It’s also a physical disorder that impacts the brain. It can cause brain inflammation and restrict oxygen. Depression causes structural changes within the brain over time. It requires professional intervention. Clear Recovery Center is here to help.

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How We Treat Depression

Depression often co-occurs with substance use disorders. It can precede substance use disorders. Other times, substance abuse leads to depression. Either way, seeking treatment is essential for a full recovery. We treat these conditions at the same time. This allows for a more effective recovery process.

Each patient has unique needs. Our team at Clear Recovery Center conducts a thorough assessment before beginning treatment. The assessment pinpoints potential causes of a patient’s depression. Clear Recovery Center determines lasting effects and any co-occurring disorders.

With the evaluation completed, Clear Recovery Center offers a diagnosis. We often diagnosis your loved one’s depression as mild, moderate, or severe. We also determine the specific type they have. From there, we decide on a course of action.

Learn more about our specific programs for patients and families below.

Our Programs

1.Lifestyle changes

This program is meant for patients with mild depression. Our team recommends specific dietary plans and exercise routines. These are meant to improve a patient’s physical symptoms. We provide resources on how to engage in and avoid certain situations. Our guidance is meant to alleviate a patient’s physical and mental symptoms.

2. Medication

More severe forms of depression require medication as a part of treatment. Medication is often used in addition to therapy.

Medications like antidepressants affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain. These medications cause chemical changes in patients’ brains. This contributes to positive changes in a patient’s mood. Medication is only prescribed by Clear Recovery Center when deemed fit. We ensure that a medication’s benefits outweigh any known risks before prescribing it.

3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is great for those also suffering from substance use disorders. Patients discover how to view their lives positively. They learn to alter any pessimistic ways of thinking and toxic behaviors.

4. Interpersonal therapy

Interpersonal therapy is important for recovering patients. It helps them manage their personal and professional relationships. Improving social bonds helps patients alleviate their symptoms.

Interpersonal therapy takes different forms. Some patients benefit from one-on-one therapy. This type of therapy is given by an experienced counselor. Others find group therapy more helpful. Group therapy can include the patient’s family members or other recovering patients.

Clear Recovery Center determines the most beneficial therapy for your loved one starting with the first appointment. Call us today to learn more about our programs.

How Depression Affects Sufferers

Depression interferes with a person’s career, social, and personal life. Patients find it difficult to maintain healthy relations. Patients can even experience physical pain. These pains vary in type but include headaches, migraines, abdominal pain, and neck pain.

Living with a chronic illness can cause depression. Depression can then worsen the symptoms of a chronic illness. This experience can be hard on a patient.

Depression patients may become desperate for any form of relief. Patients often turn to illegal drugs to experience feelings of euphoria. These feelings are only temporary. They do not treat depression for the long term. Patients often develop a dependence on these illegal drugs. This leads to substance use disorders.


Co-occuring Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Substance use disorders can coincide with mental health or even multiple issues at once. That includes mood, developmental, eating, and behavioral disorders. Clear Recovery Center is equipped to handle a wide variety of co-occurring disorders.


Signs That You Are Suffering from Depression

Feelings of sadness and stress are normal aspects of life. There is a difference between occasionally “feeling down” and living with depression.

Depression appears differently in every patient. Some potential signs of this medical condition include:

  • Feelings of sadness
  • Anxious thoughts
  • A lack of motivation in career or schoolwork
  • A lack of interest in activities
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Pessimistic thoughts
  • Overwhelming feelings of guilt
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Unexplained headaches or other aches and pains

Exhibiting these signs doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one has depression. They may have a form of it if they display any combination of these signs for more than two weeks.

A person should not attempt to self-diagnose this medical condition. Consult with Clear Recovery Center. Let us get your family on the road to recovery today.

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Bottom Line

We are equipped to help you and your loved one deal with depression treatment in South Bay, California. Our years of experience dealing with depression mean our professionals are both prepared and ready to start on the journey toward recovery with you and your loved ones.

We never make assumptions about a person’s life or experiences and pride ourselves on being providers of outstanding mental health care that is both effective and long-lasting. Find out for yourself how we can help you manage depression today.

Break the cycle of addiction. Develop tools needed to reintegrate. Create a happy healthy productive life.

There are many options and resources for addiction and mental health rehabilitation recovery solutions. Clear Recovery Center offers the full range of rehabilitation and recovery services and can find the right start for your journey.


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