Adult Outpatient Program

Clear Recovery Center Outpatient Program

Adult outpatient programs are ideal for adults struggling with depressions, anxiety, and/or substance abuse who have a willingness to change their lives. Adult outpatient programs enable the participant to continue their duties of their home lives and careers. Without taking long breaks from their lives, adults are able to utilize the services we provide in helping them rebuild and reconstruct their lifestyles.

Adult Outpatient Program at Clear Recovery Center

At our adult outpatient program at Clear Recovery Center, clients will participate in an array of groups, activities, and individual counseling catered to their specific struggles. Our goal is to ensure that upon completion, the client feels stable and has a large support group inside and outside of our adult outpatient program at Clear Recovery Center.

Outpatient Program Services

At Clear Recovery Center participants benefit from a variety of services in our adult outpatient program that address old patterns and behaviors and help to gain new ways of coping with life, daily. For many struggling with substance abuse or co-occurring disorders, living “daily life” is a difficult task without the aid of substances or alcohol. Our mission at our adult outpatient program is to re-teach life skills- to catalyze growth in the active alcoholic or addict by requiring participation in our services and groups.

Adult Outpatient Services:

• Individual counseling
• Family support
• Group therapy
• Drug testing
• Aftercare planning
• Career counseling

Your Recovery Community

Finding a community in recovery is the most important aspect to long-term sobriety. At our adult outpatient program, our participants relate to one another and create long-standing relationships. Within our adult outpatient program, the clients spend a significant amount of time recovering together, inside and outside of the facilities in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, and Manhattan Beach.

Clear Recovery Center Family Support Groups

In an adult outpatient program, one of the most crucial aspects is the rebuilding of family relationships. Family doesn’t have to be parent/children relationships, but can also be siblings, boyfriends/girlfriends, a spouse, or whoever else is considered family to the client. It is important to us in our adult outpatient program to make sure we do our best to rekindle all family relationships back to a healthy state.

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