Aftercare Exit Plan

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What is Learned in Treatment? Once a detox is complete, rehabilitation treatment addresses the psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of addiction. Treatment can take on a number of forms to cater to the individual’s needs, such as the level of treatment needed and financial factors. Patients may seek out residential programs, outpatient rehabilitation programs, group therapy, and/or individual therapy. Many …

Why Rehab Won’t Cut it

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Do I really need Outpatient care after rehab? A valuable next step after inpatient rehab is outpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab helps one transition from rehab-life to the real world. This gives the patient the opportunity to develop skills to stay sober in their approach to begin a new life. Choosing to attend an outpatient rehab after a long or even …

10 Tips to Get Better Sleep

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You snooze you lose, right? Nothing could be more wrong. We all know sleep is good for us, and that we should probably do more of it. But we don’t always act like it. And we aren’t all able to say exactly why sleep is so important. As it turns out, sleep is crucial to brain function, emotional health, and …

addiction and impact on the family

A Family Addiction- How Alcoholism Impacts Loved Ones

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Addiction Affects the Family Not just the Addict It is no question that addiction can cause major damage to the individual that it inflicts. This is often a long process that gradually changes from an somewhat innocent experimentation and fun with friends on the weekends, to something more consuming. Chronic abuse of these drugs will deteriorate the addict’s mental health, physical …

How can I confront an addict?

How to Confront a Drug Addict

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People that achieve long-term abstinence do it without luxurious treatment facilities. From a Loved ones perspective, one needs to invoke a need to change in order for this to work. Here we are going to go over the top 5 tips on how to confront a drug addict: Admit to yourself that the person that you care about is really …

Balanced Parenting | 7 Easy Ways To Raise Well-Adjusted Kids

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Balanced Parenting | 7 Easy Ways To Raise Well-Adjusted Kids Balance is a topic central to most discussions of personal health and wellness. Balancing home responsibilities, work duties and still taking time for self-care are all important pieces of the puzzle. With kids at home though, balance takes on a whole new role. We are our kid’s most influential teachers, …

Neurobics | Keeping Your Mind Sharp

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What is Neurobics? “Neurobics is the science of brain exercise. The primary goal is to help you keep your memory, along with the ability to learn new information.” Our brains are tailored towards efficiency. When approaching new problems or activities our brains analyze the easiest way handle them and revert to these methods the more we engage in those activities …

A Clear Alumni Shares His Experience, Strength, and Hope

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Born in Sacramento, I grew up an only child to a loving and caring family who gave me everything I could have asked for in life. To my family and friends, everything in my life appeared completely normal… I was very involved in sports and skateboarding growing up and I got along with everyone in school and even had a …

Emotionally Fit

Staying Emotionally Fit | A Simple Guide to Well-Being

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Staying Emotionally Fit | A Simple Guide to Well-Being Being emotionally fit is a very important aspect of everyday life. Having an emotionally fit lifestyle can be seen as having the ability to process and accept negative feelings without too much effect on your overall well-being. Feelings aren’t facts Understanding that you only have control over your attitude and actions. …