Adult & Young Adult Tracks

clear recovery center recognizes that adults and young adults have different needs – and our dynamic approach to recovery provides a track for each of these age groups

Adult and Young Adult Addiction Treatment

Recovery is not a “one-size fits all” experience. Different individuals who come from different walks of life struggle with different experiences, thoughts, behaviors, and reasons for use. Clear Recovery Center recognizes these differences and has specialized tracks for both adults and young adults. These individualized tracks to recovery allow participants to focus on:

  • Generation Specific Concerns: Individuals under 30 and individuals 30 and older are typically living very different lives. Adults in their 20s are typically still looking to establish their career, may not have a lot of serious relationship experience, and may have more active and concerning relationships with their parents. Adults older than 30, on the other hand, may be looking for support related on repairing work relationships, may be working towards rebuilding a marriage or managing a divorce, and may be concerned about the loss of and care for an elderly parent. All of these different factors can influence drug and alcohol abuse, and being able to connect with other individuals with similar experiences can be incredibly meaningful during the recovery process.
  • Age Specific Patterns of Use: Many young people are struggling with excessive marijuana use, a growing heroin epidemic, and the influx of club drugs like Ecstasy. Conversely, many older adults are struggling with excessive alcohol use, the large-scale national use of methamphetamine, and other street drugs like crack. While there are, of course, people from all different age groups with addiction of every type of substance under the sun, these patterns are important to identify and understand when working towards recovery. Our different tracks ensure that individuals will be able to connect to other people who are familiar with their particular pattern of use.
  • Managing Different Types of Peer Pressure: Generally, young people are present in more situations where peer pressure to use drugs or alcohol is abundant in their daily lives. Our young adult track offers specific programming and skill building support to try to counteract this specific trigger for use that impacts this generation.  
  • Coping with Different Types of Stress: Adults over 30 often struggle the most with intrinsic stressors like guilt. Many adults in this age group have children and are concerned about the impact of their drug use on their kids. This age group may also worry more about the long-term impacts of their use, such as diminished retirement savings, poor credit, and new and continued health concerns. Younger adults are struggling with the student debt crisis and issues that arise from a continued reliance on technology. Stress is almost always a contributing factor when it comes to relapse, and in order to avoid this, finding stress management techniques that work in a community of other individuals who suffer from the same types of stress is essential.  
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The goal of both of our tracks is to provide cost effective treatment and prevention in a community focused setting. Many adults and young adults have experienced the loss of employment and education that accompanies addiction. At Clear Recovery Center, we work with adults and their families to reintegrate into the world with an emphasis on addiction education, relapse prevention, a healthy lifestyle, and developing the skills necessary for successful independent living.

Both Outpatient Tracks Provide:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Services
  • Health and Wellness Support
  • Drug Screening
  • Dedicated Case Managers
  • Alumni Support
  • And Much More



A community of healthy and like-minded individuals is crucial not only for staying sober, but also to enjoying life free from drug and alcohol abuse.

A healthy support system that facilitates recovery and healthy living is made available to the clients at Clear Recovery Center’s Adult Outpatient.

Clients are introduced to other sober individuals and guided in developing and cultivating new, healthy, and beneficial relationships that carry on outside of the program.


Relationships with friends, family, loved one’s, and spouses are difficult to navigate, especially with the added stress of addiction.

Clients are taught to communicate more effectively and work together with others in a healthy, solution-focused environment. They develop the necessary tools for healthy relationships and are able to take these skills back into their daily lives.

Life Skills

Addiction often diminishes an individual’s ability to show up for life and responsibility.

Many in early recovery often lack the skills that allow them to function independently and are consequently overwhelmed by the responsibilities that they must deal with upon entering recovery and reentering life.

Clear Recovery Center focuses on equipping clients with the necessary skills to excel in their lives outside of treatment.

Exercise & Nutrition

Healthy living is at the forefront of Clear Recovery Center’s goal. We help client’s implement healthy habits and build self-esteem through focusing on self-care, proper nutrition, and physical exercise.

Clients are provided with resources, professional support, and personalized exercise and nutrition plans that aim to establish physical and mental well-being that aid in the recovery process.


Real life provides real difficulties. Those new in recovery and who have struggled with addiction are susceptible to relapse because of triggers they experience in their environments. These triggers can take the form of familiar people, places, and things and can cause unwanted and negative feelings.

We help familiarize our clients with healthy coping mechanisms. This is achieved through guidance and changing of behaviors and reactions, ultimately allowing a client to work through their difficulties and live a balanced, steady life.

Higher Education

In order to help fuel a successful career, one must first attend college or graduate school in order to attain degrees and/or accreditations. Being able to set goals and attend school helps build self confidence and esteem.

Clear Recovery Center places a level of importance on the pursuit of higher education for its clients. Counselors and therapists help each client set educational goals that are attainable, helping facilitate the process from application to acceptance.

Career Counseling

As an adult, maintaining or building a career can take a lot of focus and direction. Working with a career counselor requires not only participation, but patience.

Though career counselors do not have all of the answers, they can help you work toward finding your own answers. Career counseling provides a positive challenge for individuals in recovery and Clear Recovery Center helps provide it in an engaging, exciting way.

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