About Clear Recovery Center

At Clear Recovery Center, our mission is to inspire change, enrich lives and cultivate community.

Clear Recovery Center is an outpatient facility located in Redondo Beach, California with over fifty combined years of experience working in the field of addiction.

We are committed to providing an evidence-based approach in an outpatient setting, where we can educate and bring a recovery community to families and individuals in need.

Clear Recovery Center understands that breaking free from the depths of addiction is a two-part process. To get inspired on recovery, individuals need to first get involved in a community of people dedicated to bettering themselves. In order to maintain that recovery however, one must engage in the therapeutic process of discovering what drove their addiction and uncovering the factors that kept them held in its sway. At Clear Recovery Center we do both. Our powerful community is there to offer support, encouragement and guidance to those getting started.

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